When Ryan Leak heard his girlfriend of five years tell one of her friends that her dream was to get engaged and married in the same day, he began working to make her dream come true.

The stereotype that women use Pinterest as a site dedicated to planning their dream wedding is a stereotype for a reason; it’s a great site for girls and women who want to get inspired for that special day. Luckily, but not surprisingly (after 5 years together), Ryan’s girlfriend Amanda Roman had her dream wedding all laid out with over 200 pins of bridal items and ceremony details she loved.

Ryan found his girlfriend’s ‘dream wedding’ board on the website and managed to plan the entire ceremony, down to the smallest detail, without Amanda catching on. Hollywood, pay attention; this is the perfect ‘based on a true story’ romantic movie idea!

The next phase of his master plan was to plan a fake romantic getaway in honor of their five-year anniversary. Once the couple arrived in Miami from Dallas, Ryan popped the big question to the elated Amanda, who was then surprised by over 100 of their closest friends and family.

Check out the video above to see how Amanda’s magical day played out!

What’s your super-sweet or romantic wedding story?

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