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It’s not summer without a page-turning novel to suck you in and steal away the day. These 5 books are written by members of the military community address transitions, marriage, family, career, and more. Get lost in their pages at the beach, in your backyard, or wherever summer finds you. SpouseLink has the full list.

You may have moving from one duty station to another down to a science by now, but what about the summers when you don’t move? Do you feel awkward staying in one place? Do you revel in the excitement of being able to plan a big vacation? See how one MilSpouse handled her non-PCS summer on SpouseLink.

It can be hard to decide what yoga class to try first with so many different styles available. You’ll want to try a style that works for your body and goals. Hatha, for example, is great for brand new yogis, while vinyasa is good for those who want a workout. Learn about these styles and more on SpouseLink.

Today is National French Fry Day! The only true way to pa homage to this all-time favorite is to…EAT SOME FRIES! We’ve rounded up 10 of the tastiest and craziest french fry recipes to prove that there’s never a time when you can’t serve up some fries.

SpouseLink Ambassador takes her patriotic spirit wherever she goes on behalf of Military Spouses everywhere… which is how we suspect she came up with her latest event, “Red, White, & Brews” in July 2018. Take a look at her pics to see what made the location so memorable, on SpouseLink.

Earlier this year (2018), there were rumors of a new parental leave policy coming to the U.S. Navy. Well it turns out they were more than just rumors. Introducing the Military Parental Leave Program, a new streamlined and flexible program for all active duty Sailors. Learn more about it on SpouseLink.

MilLife is full of milestones. Whether you have a craft room full of DIY creations or prefer to purchase your mementos from a professional, here are SpouseLink’s five ways to memorialize Military milestones.

July 9 is National Sugar Cookie day, making summer a great time to update your classic recipe with flavors of the season. Try a refreshing fruity twist with key lime or orange blossom cookies or double-down on the sweetness with s’mores bars or ice cream sandwiches. SpouseLink has 10 ideas to inspire you.

It doesn’t take long for kids to start complaining they’re bored after school lets out and summer camps are over. Get one step ahead of the season monotony by having a list of fun and inexpensive activities your kids will love. SpouseLink has some ideas to get you started.

Summer is a great time to update your wardrobe with bright, colorful patterns. Florals are a season staple, but there are plenty of other prints that shed some sunshine on your outfit. Get the details on styling rainbow stripes, tropical palms, retro cherries, dreamy stars, and more on SpouseLink.

Attendees at the June 21, 2018, Sip & Swirl event at Twentynine Palms, CA, got to hang out with SpouseLink Ambassador Andrea for an evening of fun and food on base, sponsored by AAFMAA. How did the evening go at this winning wine-oriented event? Check out Andrea’s pics on SpouseLink!

Are you ever really sure what to get your Military Dad for Father’s Day? Well, at least if you give him the same thing every year (a tie? BBQ tools?), you can be sure to give him 1 thing straight from your heart: a handmade card that tells him you care. See SpouseLink Ambassador Gisella’s latest event!


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