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Looking for things to do near Fort Campbell? Check out SpouseLink’s list for ideas in food, entertainment, and travel.

Regardless of when you have your first vacation planned, the season of summer officially begins on June 21. This date, known as the summer solstice, has been celebrated for centuries by communities across the globe. SpouseLink has all the insights and inspiration you need for a summer solstice celebration of your own!

Vanilla milkshakes are a nostalgic treat that could use a makeover. Reinvent your shake this National Vanilla Milkshake Day by adding candy, rainbow colors, and frosted rims to your soda glasses. SpouseLink has 6 incredible ideas to take your dessert up a notch.

SpouseLink Ambassador Angel and her daughter attended the June 2018 Joyce Bullard Mother/Child Tea Party, hosted by the Bullard family and the AFYMCA, in Colorado Springs, CO. Food, tea, speakers and more all came together for the event on behalf of Military Families. See Angel’s pics from the event on SpouseLink!

There’s no problem with a new purchase every now and then, but it’s still good practice to pay attention to where your money is going. You only what to spend on things that will increase your happiness in the long run. SpouseLink has 5 simple questions that will help determine if the splurge is worth it.

Have you shopped at the Commissary lately? Things may be different than you remember… a lot different. In an attempt to bring back customers, officials are rolling out new initiatives, including lower prices, more products, & longer hours. Will it be enough to bring shoppers back? See what’s new on SpouseLink.

June 14th is Flag Day, a day to celebrate the stars and stripes and be thankful for what it means to be an American. How are you going to honor Old Glory this Flag Day? How about with some patriotic and flag-themed DIYs! Get ideas on SpouseLink.

Runners of all ages took part in the 15th Annual Cobblestone Classic at USAG Stuttart, Germany, on June 2, 2018 as they raced over through forested areas and beyond in hopes of crossing the finish line with a good time. SpouseLink Ambassador Jessica was on hand representing AAFMAA to share in their winning moments!

It can be hard to find a time for your whole Military Family to get away while juggling work schedules and summer camps. Planning a staycation is a great, money-saving way to simplify the process. After dedicating some time for your staycation, check out these 5 great ideas for activities on SpouseLink.

Sure, you could simply buy a card at the drugstore, but isn’t your Military Dad worth the extra effort? Let Dad know how you really feel about him this Father’s Day by making a card… by hand! Show him he’s your hero and that you support and love him no matter what. Get your creativity on with ideas from SpouseLink.

If you’re experiencing your first PCS move, you may be apprehensive about the process of packing up, shipping, receiving, unpacking, and finally setting up your new home. How will you get everything done in time? Relax. We’ve got 10 PCS moving tips to help you plan, organize and make a smooth transition on SpouseLink.

When the weather heats up, you know to swap your leather jacket for a sundress and scarf for a pair of sunnies, but what about your skincare? Summer is a great opportunity to update your skincare routine to protect your skin from the sun while keeping it balanced and glowing. Get the how-to on SpouseLink.


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