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Important changes are coming to your military benefits, and they could be vital to your financial future. Congress is eliminating the “Widow’s Tax” and AAFMAA’s latest free webinar has all the details. Learn more on SpouseLink.

There are countless benefits of being an Air Force wife. Check out SpouseLink’s list of tangible and intangible benefits for Air Force families.

Feel out of touch? Staying in touch with your friends and family through email and messaging is one thing. Staying in touch with MilSpouses who know what you’re going through is another. See where you can find ways to interact with other Military Spouses virtually, on SpouseLink.

Now’s a great time to set your businesses up for success online! Check out SpouseLink’s tips for getting started.

Ready to make a home purchase? Hold that thought until you’ve considered the obligation, repairs, and other factors at play. For insights on how to save money before you lay it out on the table, watch AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC’s latest free webinar. Get the details on SpouseLink.

Now is the perfect time to take on a new hobby or teach yourself a new skill. Check out SpouseLink’s recommendations!

If you’re debating whether or not your next house will be your last — and if you should build it from scratch, AAFMAA Mortgage Services has some expert advice to consider. Get the details on SpouseLink.

AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust LLC Relationship Manager Tony Oliver will show you how you can overcome common college savings challenges for your kids’ future success. Get the details about this free webinar on SpouseLink.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day comes once a year, but SpouseLink and AAFMAA celebrate MilSpouses every day! Watch our video showcasing a few of the active duty military spouse employees who work at AAFMAA on SpouseLink!

The impact of COVID-19 is everywhere. See why your home interest rate may not be what you expect. AAFMAA Mortgage Services offers expert insights. Learn more on SpouseLink.

Have a few hours of the day that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Why not… Escape to the past! Join an adventure! Solve a crime! Fall in love! Laugh with your favorite comedian! You can do it all. Just check out our list of the binge-worthiest shows on SpouseLink.

Dreading the impending “doom” of making a PCS move? AAFMAA Mortgage Services has your back with 5 tips to make your next move easier. Get insights on SpouseLink.


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