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Fall is often thought of as a time of hunkering down, getting cozy, and preparing for the slow, cold seasons ahead, but the fall equinox calls for a lot of celebration. The first day of fall as been a time of gratitude and bounty for centuries. Learn how to embrace the day for yourself on SpouseLink.

Looking for things to do near Fort Bragg? Check out SpouseLink’s list for ideas in food, entertainment, and travel.

It’s that time of year again when we begin to hunker down and dive into the deep, spicy, rich flavors of fall, with foods the color of autumn’s changing moods. SpouseLink has rounded up 5 fall flavors to get your mouth watering this season with 10 recipes you can make to celebrate autumn’s splendor.

Happy 71st birthday to the United States Air Force! To help you celebrate the founding of our nation’s second-largest armed forces branch, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 5 movies featuring the silver screen’s most underrepresented servicemembers: the USAF airmen, on SpouseLink.

In honor of Constitution Day (September 17), SpouseLink has a brief history lesson for you where we break down the who, what, and where America got its start. Think you’ve heard it all before? Maybe, maybe not. Take a look at the facts we’ve pulled together for you and celebrate America!

Do you run a business, a household, or both? Military Spouses can handle it all if they have learned these 5 lessons. Marysa Stevens is a MilSpouse who realized during a deployment that the ways she had to handle life during a deployment were very much like being an entrepreneur. See what she learned on SpouseLink.

Sometimes, the last people you want running around the kitchen are your kids. But, there are some real benefits to cooking with your kids. For National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day (September 13), SpouseLink has gathered up our favorite kid-friendly recipes that you can try out at your house. Now, let’s get cooking!

Are you money smart… but want to be even smarter? Learn what you should be considering to get your finances in order, and working at their best for you in this free webinar from AAFMAA. SpouseLink connects you to the webinar sign-up.

What are MilSpouses in Jacksonville, Florida, doing this year? Well, some of them are spending time with SpouseLink Ambassador Emily at all sorts of fun events. For instance, in February, Emily hosted a “Galentines” get-together at Urban Bean in Orange Park, attended by Navy spouses stationed around the area. Emily prepared Valentine goody bags for […]

Many people know that meditation helps quiet the mind and reduce stress, but what can it do for the rest of your body? From lowering blood pressure to improving digestion, to reducing the risk of infection, meditation is great for your overall health. Learn more on SpouseLink.

Heat up your romance as the weather starts to cool down with these cozy fall date ideas. Take advantage of the changing scenery by going for a road trip, visiting a farm, or hiking. Also, indulge in classic autumn activities like bonfires and pumpkin carvings. Get inspired on SpouseLink.

Step into the shoes of some of history’s greatest heroes this Halloween with easy DIY costumes. From daring explorers to inspiring artists, to influential activists, there’s no shortage of personas to put on. Find 10 great historical costume ideas on SpouseLink.


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