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SpouseLink Ambassador Tara attended the Sponsor Appreciation Luncheon on behalf of AAFMAA’s participation and sponsorship of events that take place on and around MacDill AFB in Florida. The award was presented in March 2017.

SpouseLink Ambassador Emily, assisted by upcoming 2018 Ambassador Sarah, hosted an amazing DIY decor event at the Mermaid Factory in Norfolk, VA in October 2017. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Emily had to say about it: We had our “October Mermaids” event yesterday here in Norfolk! It was at Mermaid Factory […]

SpouseLink Ambassador Emily and soon-to-be Ambassador Sarah were on location having a wild time mixing and mingling with other MilSpouses and their military families, as they representd SpouseLink and AAFMAA at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, VA, at the USO’s Military Appreciation Day, October 2017. A giant lizard, a Pooh bear and Batman got into […]

SpouseLink Ambassadors Gisella and Jessica had a blast representing SpouseLink and AAFMAA at a Kids’ L.I.N.K.S. Event at Camp Lejeune, August 2017. There were superheroes aplenty… and lots of fun and games for military families to enjoy throughout the event. Check out the SpouseLink swag:

SpouseLink Ambassador Katie represented SpouseLink at a Mother-Daughter Tea for military families at Fort Bragg, March 2016. The event was well attended by military spouses in the area and their daughters who were all dressed sweetly for the festivities. Katie was one of our first SpouseLink ambassadors and you can see she has a knack for fun […]

Marriage is hard for anyone. Learning to choose the same person over and over again takes effort, patience, compromise and forgiveness. Throw in frequent relocation, months’ and years’ worth of time spent apart, and the ongoing uncertainty of life in the Armed Forces and you’ve got the reality of a military marriage. MilSpouse marriages are […]

The good news is there’s no real “ugly” involved… just craziness. Just in time for your military family’s holiday travels. By Vicki DeLuzio SpouseLink Guest Blogger My husband and I love to travel. For our honeymoon (years ago), we took 3 weeks off from work (yeah, we weren’t “supposed to”, but we did anyhow) and […]

Ready for warm, rich flavors to seep into your soul as the autumn chill arrives? Or just want to do something fun and creative with your food this season? We’ve got 10 recipes for you to try out on your military family and friends! They range from sweet to spicy… spooky to spectacular. So get out […]

By Hellen McAdams SpouseLink Guest Blogger All over the U.S., thousands of families are separated due to the fact that U.S. military is waging war somewhere out in the world. For example, warfare in Iraq or Afghanistan has been going on for nearly two decades now. And with more American youth ineligible to enroll for an […]

Military life: Honorable, exciting, ever-changing. Burdensome, terrifying, exhausting. Those are just some of the words that come to mind when you think about the emotions a MilSpouse or servicemember may experience during a military career. Military families are constantly on the move and deal with pressures that are seldom spoken about or addressed. Years spent […]

By Vicki DeLuzio SpouseLink Guest Blogger My family loves going to the fall fairs in Arizona, especially when the weather is under 100° so we can enjoy being outside! Here are some of the fall events happening in our area that are sure to bring a crowd and start some great family traditions: The Arizona State Fair in […]

MilSpouses know that there’s nothing quite like the long-awaited homecoming that occurs after a loved one returns from deployment. Reuniting after having been a part for so long can mean that you’re flooded with feelings of excitement, anxiety, impatience, joy, and everything in between. Whether you’ve been through four deployments or are experiencing your first, […]


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