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Does spicy food leave your taste buds drooling for more? SpouseLink Ambassador Tara recently hosted a muy caliente event at “bartaco” in Tampa, Florida, where a group of Military Spouses found their calling… at least for lunch. Or was that dinner? It was all good, that much we know. See the pics on SpouseLink.

It’s that time of year again… and SpouseLink Ambassador Angel set up shop at the August 2018 Back to School Brigade event (OperationHomefront.org) in Colorado Springs, CO. All kinds of goodies were available for the kids and families. Take a look on SpouseLink!

Yard sales can help you turn a pile of clutter into a wad of cash. But to be really successful, you’ll want to choose a highly trafficked location to hold your sale and pick a time when people want to shop. It’s also essential to price your items reasonably and advertise your sales. Get all the tips on SpouseLink.

Are you a MilSpouses interested in having a flexible job? Check out SpouseLink’s list of the best careers for Military Spouses.

Do you have plans on September 15? Check out the Apex Music Festival for a day full of music, food, beer, and fun! For the eighth straight year, Downtown Apex, North Carolina, comes alive with outdoor concerts, food tucks, beer stations and all kinds of fun activities for folks of all ages. Plus, keep any eye out for AAFMAA Mortgage Services while you’re out there.

MilSpouses have some of the best business ideas! SpouseLink Ambassador Sarah in Norfolk, VA, was thrilled to offer Military Spouses in her area the chance to share their wares with fellow Military Families. Next on Sarah’s agenda? More MilSpouse vendor fairs! See how it went on SpouseLink.

Farmers’ markets provide an opportunity to upgrade your kitchen with seasonal and locally-grown produce, and some tips and tricks can help you make the most of them. For example, start early to get the pick of your favorite foods and remember to look around before filling your basket. Get more tips on SpouseLink.

Love chocolate cookies… and pie… but don’t want to tack on all the calories? Try this delicious treat with a secret healthy ingredient in the middle! Get the recipe on SpouseLink.

Sure, PB&Js are a classic lunchbox staple, but having them day in and day out can get a little tedious. Shake up your kids’ lunchbox in time for the new school year with mini quiches, homemade sushi, kebabs, and more. Get all of our delicious ideas on SpouseLink.

Celebrate family fun month by squeezing out all the summer excitement your family can muster. There are plenty of free and discounted activities available to Military Families. You can visit museums across the country, spend a day at an amusement park, and more. See SpouseLink’s 8 great ideas.

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to stock your kids’ backpack without going over budget. From coupon clipping to shopping off-season to buying in bulk, SpouseLink has 8 great tips that will help you get the school year off to a great start.

When it comes to cheesecake, the flavor possibilities are nearly endless. From chocolate to caramel to every type of fruit imaginable, you’ll have to think hard before ordering dessert. But how about dinner? Whet your appetite with this savory tomato-basil cheesecake. Get the recipe on SpouseLink.


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