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When you’re looking to purchase or refinance a home, your credit score might impact the final interest rate you’re able to obtain. Learn from our Military Mortgage Advisor, Dale Poe, who explains how important your credit score is when looking to finance your home. Get the details on this free AAFMAA webinar on SpouseLink.

There may not be a more controversial nut out there than the pecan, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the nut itself. The controversy isn’t about how it tastes, or looks, or even how it’s harvested. No, people all over the country are constantly quarreling about the pronunciation of this delicious nut. Whether […]

Staying in and watching a comedy is a great way to beat the summer heat with your Military Family. There are plenty of great military comedies and musical comedies to enjoy, such as the star-studded “You’ll Never Get Rich” and the well-known “Good Morning, Vietnam.” Find more suggestions on SpouseLink.

Looking for quick and easy ways to make your short-term living situation feel more like home? Check out these simple design tips from SpouseLink!

Who’s ready for a little 4th of July fun? Thanks to some awesome companies and restaurants out there, your MilFam can squeeze in some extra celebrating without the extra cost. See how on SpouseLink.

June 27 is PTSD Awareness Day. Although it’s one of the ugliest sides of military life, it’s something we all need to talk about, especially during PTSD Awareness Month (June). Find out more on SpouseLink.

Looking for things to do near Jacksonville? Check out SpouseLink’s list of ideas for food, entertainment, and family fun!

The U.S. Army is changing the way they do things with their Family Readiness Groups by placing an emphasis on community and support in an attempt to be more inclusive and effective. Get the details on SpouseLink.

Next week, join Matt Hick, a Relationship Manager with AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust, as he offers some unique and expert insight on the journey ahead in this free webinar, “Transitioning Out of the Military”

Take the guesswork out of vacation planning by looking to the stars for direction. Your zodiac sign can help you decide where to travel this year. Scorpios like a transformative adventure, while Capricorns want a historic experience and Aries want to do something daring. Find your best vacation on SpouseLink.

With hectic schedules and seemingly constant change, being able to find remote, flexible work is of the utmost importance to many MilSpouses. But it hasn’t always been easy. Now, Google has created new tools to help MilSpouses and MilFams across the county find the right jobs. Get the details on SpouseLink.

College is an exciting time in a young person’s life. Help your military child prepare for their freshman year with these tips and tricks from SpouseLink.


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