Autumn is overflowing with romantic dates you can’t enjoy during any other season — from outdoor adventures amidst the changing leaves to quiet nights at home cuddling with your MilSpouse. Heat up your romance as the weather gets colder with these 10 cozy ideas.

1. Go on a road trip

Chances are you’re living somewhere that’s still a little unfamiliar to you. A road trip around town or to a new neighborhood you’ve never visited before is a great way to get to know your area while enjoying the changing seasons. Put on your favorite road trip tunes, roll down the windows, and marvel at the changing leaves or whatever the scenery looks like in your area.

2. Visit a brewery

Artisan breweries are popping up all over the country to offer unique atmospheres and flavors based on your area. Try a new brew enhanced with local produce or succumb to the autumnal inspiration and order a pumpkin spice IPA. Who knows, you may even get inspired to start brewing your own beer at home!

3. Go apple picking

There’s nothing more classically autumn than visiting an apple orchard. Spend the day strolling around, taking photos, and boosting each other up to reach the highest hanging fruit. Then break out the pastry tools when you get home and have Date Round 2 baking your own apple pie.

4. Go on a ghost tour

Thrill-seeking couples will love taking advantage of all the spooks Halloween season has to offer. Brave your way through a haunted house attraction or take a ghost tour of your local area (many older Military basis have eerie stories of their own).

5. Take a cooking class

There’s something so effortlessly romantic about learning a new skill together, especially one where you get to share a delicious meal afterward. Take a class to master a few new recipes to make on a future date night or to use to impress your family with during the holidays.

6. Enjoy a bonfire

S’mores may scream summer but, trust us, they taste just as good in the fall. Snuggle up in front of a crackling fire, pour yourselves some spiked cider, and get ready for a romantic night beneath the stars.

7. Carve pumpkins

Encourage each other’s sense of creativity while decorating for the season by carving extravagant jack-o-lanterns together. Try challenging your MilSpouse to carve your portrait into your pumpkin or get kooky with paint, glue, and glitter and have the wildest decorations on the block.

8. Tailgate

An afternoon spent at the football field is a fun and exhilarating experience whether you’re team Army, Navy, or Air Force. Load up your truck with classic tailgating goodies and meet your MilSpouse buds at the stadium to rehearse your favorite cheers before the game. Remember to bring extra blankets to stay snug in the bleachers.

10. Go to a fall festival

Fall festivals let you wrap all the best autumn activities into one day. Get lost in a corn maze, sip mulled cider, and indulge in all your favorite cinnamon sugar-dusted pastries in a fun and romantic outdoor setting.

8. Hike a scenic area

Enjoy all the outdoor time you can before it gets too cold outside. Check for hiking trails around your area that exhibit fall’s gorgeous foliage. If you live in a more urban area, indulge in all the nature you can by finding a local park with changing trees to enjoy.

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