Sure, you could simply drink a glass of wine to whisk away your day’s cares. Or you could escape into the calm and tranquility of a yoga class. Then again, you could do both and create fun memories by sharing the moment with a few MilSpouse friends. Recently, SpouseLink Ambassador Debbie did just that when she hosted two Wine & Yoga events at the Wine Cafe, in February and March 2018.

If you’re a MilSpouse, live in the Fort Bragg area, and didn’t make it to the event, you totally missed out. Not just on the wine and the yoga, but hearing Debbie share — in person — how great SpouseLink and AAFMAA are. All thanks to you, our Military Spouse community, of course! Perhaps you can persuade Debbie to host it again?

Here’s a little of what you missed:

Those could be your toes. And that could be your glass of wine. Just sayin’…

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