The Benefits of AAFMAA Membership

AAFMAA offers its members a wide range of solutions, ranging from life insurance to mortgages. Take a look at some of the many ways they can assist you and your Military Family.



Becoming a member of the AAFMAA family is easy. AAFMAA provides valuable military life insurance for all stages of your military life. Once you have insured yourself, you can purchase additional policies for you, your spouse, your children and your grandchildren.

And now, AAFMAA has made getting life insurance even easier by enabling its members’ Military Spouses to purchase it themselves. Learn more.


  • Cadets & Midshipmen Free — A FREE Introductory AAFMAA Membership, including a $5,000 Term Life Insurance policy, plus Survivor Assistance Services.
  • Level Term I — Flexibility to pick just the right amount of coverage. The affordable option for today and tomorrow.
  • Level Term II — Perfect for members and their spouses who are looking for an affordable policy for short- and long-term needs.
  • EZ Term — A simple, small term policy with a simplified application process.
  • 5 Year Renewable Term — Specially designed to provide coverage for a limited time while members get adjusted to their new life after active service.
  • Value-Added Whole Life — A great way to secure permanent coverage that grows over time, from the youngest in your family to you.
  • Generations Plus — Low premiums to protect what matters the most – your loved ones.
  • ANNUITYLife — For members of any age, any medical status, with the option to annuitize.
  • Long Term Care Settlement Option — A policy with no additional premium that can provide an early payout of a death benefit to the insured rather than to a designated beneficiary.

Learn more about AAFMAA life insurance solutions.


AAFMAA members in need of short-term cash, can benefit from AAFMAA’s $4,000 Career Assistance Program (CAP) Loan. This loan offers one-time only loans of $4,000 at just 1.5% interest for eligible ranks. It is designed for those who are on active duty, Full and Part-time Guard and Reserve as well, in ranks E5, E6, E7, E8, E9, W01, CW2, O-1, O-2 and O-3. This one-time-only program can help bridge your financial gaps. Learn more.


We all have financial goals we want to achieve, whether or not we have a “plan” to get there. From completing our own education, buying that first (or second) home, to helping our children get ready for their future and managing for our own retirements planning is key to a secure life. Learn more.


For assistance with any of the above member solutions,
call AAFMAA at 800-522-5221

Other Services


Many lenders quote unrealistic rates. AAFMAA Mortgage Services tailors quotes based upon your unique circumstances. It’s time to experience the exceptional customer service you deserve. Learn more.


For assistance with an AAFMAA mortgage solution,
call AAFMAA Mortgage Services llc at 844-4-AAFMAA

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