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SpouseLink Ambassadors are an important part of the SpouseLink team, because they are our direct link to you!

These creative, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly representatives of both SpouseLink and AAFMAA are active-duty Military Spouses who coordinate and participate in Military Spouse, military family, and other military-related events in their home locations throughout the year — across the U.S. and in Germany.

What do they do?

SpouseLink Ambassadors are our team members who connect with the military families in their local areas to spread the word about our important mission to support, inform and inspire Military Spouses! They also share information about products and services provided by AAFMAA, the longest-standing not-for-profit association that empowers military families with affordable financial solutions including, life insurance, investment management, residential mortgages, and survivor assistance.

Each spring, the SpouseLink team and Ambassadors meet up for our annual Retreat to spend time together, while discussing what’s new at SpouseLink, to get a recap on AAFMAA offerings, and to get the Ambassadors’ perspective on how they can best engage with and serve the needs of their communities.

Often, we’ll discover that a lot of their experiences are similiar, but there are also regional “accents” on what types of events and activities resonate with the Military Spouses and families at their events.

If you live in or near one of the duty stations where they are located, be sure to stop by their booth at sponsored events, or look for their announcements on Facebook so you can participate in one of their fun MilSpouse get-togethers.

And be sure to offer them your ideas on events you’d like them to arrange. They’d be happy to hear what you have to say. And so would we! So be sure to let them know if you’d like to blog with us, here on SpouseLink! Or feel free to contribute something right now.

Connect with them on social:

Stay up to date on Ambassador events, activities, and more in your local area:

Twentynine Palms, CA


FACEBOOK @SpouseLink29Palms  |  TWITTER @SpouseLink29Palms

Colorado Springs, CO 


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkCOS  |  TWITTER @SpouseLinkCOS

Washington, DC Metro Area
(Fort Meade, MD)


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkDCMetro  |  TWITTER Coming soon!

Jacksonville, FL 


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkJax  |  TWITTER @SpouseLinkJax

Tampa, FL 


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkMacDill  |  TWITTER @SpouseLinkMacDill

Camp Lejeune, NC 


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkNC  |  TWITTER @SpouseLinkCampLejeune

Fort Bragg, NC 


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkofFortBragg  |  TWITTER @SpouseLinkFortBragg

Fort Hood, TX


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkofFortHood |  TWITTER @SLFortHood

Norfolk, VA 


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkNorfolk |  TWITTER @SpouseLinkNorfolk

Stuttgart, Germany 


FACEBOOK @SpouseLinkStuttgart  |  TWITTER @SpouseLinkStuttgart

Where can you meet them?

Our Ambassadors participate in everything from sponsored events to crafty get-togethers, and more — such as these:

SL on Location: Holiday Tree Lighting at Twentynine Palms, CA

SpouseLink on Location: Vet Fest in Colorado

SpouseLink on Location: Color Run in Jacksonville, FL

SpouseLink on Location: Fiesta at bartaco in Tampa, FL

SpouseLink on Location: String Art DIY Crafting Party at Camp Lejeune

SpouseLink on Location: Mellow Mushroom & MWR 5K at Fort Bragg

SpouseLink on Location: MilSpouse Vendor Fair in Norfolk, VA

SpouseLink on Location: 15th Annual Cobblestone Classic in Stuttgart, Germany

Solutions for Your Military Family:

Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Home Mortgages, Survivor Services, and more.

The Benefits of AAFMAA Membership


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