It can be overwhelming to navigate social groups at a new duty station, especially when your mind is trying to focus on everything else: getting accustomed to a new area, settling into your home, your spouse (and/or you) heading back to work, registering the kids for their new school(s), and so on — but, we need each other for support.

As military spouses, we’re all far away from our families and friends, navigating a lifestyle that not many outsiders understand. That’s why it’s so important to build your community, or “tribe,” as a military spouse, because who else will know what it’s like to ask someone you’ve known for 3 weeks to be an emergency contact — or ask a near stranger to babysit your kid in a pinch?

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SpouseLink Ambassadors Gisella and Andrea joined Natalie Gross from The Spouse Angle podcast to share their struggles of building community during military life and what’s ultimately helped them make lasting friendships. Check it out:

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