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At Home With SpouseLink is a lifestyle podcast for Military Spouses, hosted by our team of SpouseLink Ambassadors. On the show, they discuss topics that impact military families, from PCSing to living in on-base housing, to relationships, wellness, and more. They’ll help you stay informed, get support, and be inspired.

Each AHWS episode features one question from our listeners, with answers to help you find your footing and thrive. The shows also include a “Dear SpouseLink” question suggested by our audience, as well as occasional interviews with expert guests and members of the SpouseLink community. 

If you have a question you’d like to ask the Ambassadors, just email us at [email protected] and your question may be included in a future episode!

Podcast Episodes

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Ep. 1: More Than a MilSpouse:

Maintaining Your Identity

Our premier episode features AAFMAA’s SpouseLink Ambassadors discussing how to maintain your unique identity while living the hectic life of a Military Spouse.

Host & Guests: Kia Young (DC Metro Area), with Emily Morgan (NAS Jacksonville), and Andrea Scherpich (Twentynine Palms)


Ep. 2: Honest Conversations:

Race in the Military

The SpouseLink Ambassadors return to discuss the hot topic of race and their experience with race in the military community. 

Host & Guests: Kia Young (DC Metro Area), with Tara Smith (MacDill AFB), Andrea Scherpich (Twentynine Palms), and Jonelle Brown (AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust LLC)


Ep. 3: Military Life:

Making a House a Home

SpouseLink Ambassadors and AAFMAA representatives (who are also Military Spouses) discuss how they settle into new duty stations and create a home — even if they’ll only be there for a couple years. They discuss what “home” means to them, budget-friendly decorating tips, and how they chose between buying and renting.

Host & Guests: Andrea Scherpich (Twentynine Palms), with Sarah Martinez (NAS Key West), Jessica Doty (Fort Bragg), Jenny Harris (AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC), and Katie Gushen (AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust LLC)


Ep. 4: Military Holidays:

Creating Traditions as a MilFam

The SpouseLink Ambassadors share how they celebrate the holidays as a military family, addressing the challenges of spending the holidays away from loved ones. Listen in to hear how they build and maintain traditions no matter where they are.

Host & Guests: Sarah Martinez (Naval Station Norfolk), with Emily Morgan (NAS Jacksonville), Andrea Scherpich (Twentynine Palms), and Tara Smith (MacDill AFB)


Ep. 5: Will You Be My


AAFMAA’s SpouseLink Ambassadors discuss how they keep the romance alive whether their servicemember spouse is at home or overseas. From love notes to gag gifts to gift cards, you’ll hear how these MilSpouses have learned to express their love. You might even come away with some Valentine’s Day ideas of your own.

Host & Guests: Andrea Scherepich (Twentynine Palms), with Gisella Mancilla (San Diego), and Angel Boessen (Colorado Springs)


Ep. 6: Military Spouse

Travel Memories & Tips

AAFMAA’s SpouseLink Ambassadors talk about Spring Break, whether they opt for a staycation or like to travel the globe. They share travel hacks, amazing memories of traveling with their military families, and discuss what they have experienced while traveling during COVID-19. We hope your bags are packed because this conversation is sure to inspire an adventure!

Host & Guests: Jessica Doty (Fort Bragg), with Tara Smith (MacDill AFB) and Sarah Martinez (Naval Station Norfolk)


Ep. 7: A Day in the Life:

The Many Hats a MilSpouse Wears

AAFMAA’s SpouseLink Ambassadors are back to discuss the many roles they fill as Military Spouses. Grab a cup of coffee and listen in to hear how they juggle their careers, home, and family all while managing PCS moves and deployments. We’re sure you can relate!

Host & Guests: Tara Smith (MacDill AFB), with Jessica Doty (Fort Bragg), Sarah Martinez (NAS Key West), and Charlene Wilde (AAFMAA)


Ep. 8: Military Moves:

So You’ve Received Orders.

Now What?

AAFMAA’s SpouseLink Ambassadors discuss their best time- and money-saving tips for PCSing. Listen in to hear how they managed cross-country and international moves during COVID-19, as well as how one Ambassador turned her cross-country PCS into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Host & Guests: Andrea Scherpich (Twentynine Palms), with Angel Boessen (Colorado Springs), Jessica Doty (Fort Bragg), and Gisella Mancilla (San Diego).


Ep. 9: Military Family Tips:

Make the Most of Your Summer

without Breaking the Bank

Our two California SpouseLink Ambassadors discuss their best tips for enjoying summer vacation with your military family. Listen in to hear about their summer bucket lists, military-exclusive money-saving deals, and their travel splurges.

Host & Guests: Gisella Mancilla (San Diego), with Andrea Scherpich (Camp Pendleton)

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