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By Julie Provost
Guest Blogger

Once July hits and the humidity sets in, I start to think about how summer is actually going to end. My boys go back to school during the first part of August and, once they do, my mood changes a bit. While the weather here in Tennessee is still quite hot and humid, there is a change in the air, and that change means fall is just around the corner.

There is something about the end of a season that makes me reflect on the past few months. As we buy new backpacks, pencils, and lunchboxes, I think about the fun we had and the memories we have made. As I watch the school bus drivers practice their new routes, I think about all the things I still want to do and how we want to wrap up those last days of summer.

As you look to the fall, and back on the summer, here are a few things you can do with your family to celebrate those last days of summer.

A Pool Day

During the summer, going to the pool is easy. We have a lot of options here in the Fort Campbell area. Once summer is over, however, getting to the pool feels a little more difficult because of school schedules and not as many pools being open.

Plan one last big day at the pool. Enjoy the water, and the carefree days of spending the day in it. If you live near a beach, have one last big beach day. Playing in the water is a big part of summer, enjoy it for a day before the season ends.

Go on One Last Vacation

As summer winds down, why not plan for one more short getaway? Your trip doesn’t have to be a big one. You can visit grandma and grandpa one last time, or plan a weekend trip to one of your favorite places. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to make it through those last few weeks of summer.

BBQ Potluck with Neighbors

Having an end-of-summer BBQ can be a lot of fun. Make some yummy food, invite your friends and neighbors, and end the season with one more memory-making event.

Ice cream sundae bar Do your kids like ice cream? Mine sure do! Have an ice cream sundae bar for them. Include different flavors and toppings. Don’t forget the rainbow sprinkles! Remember, calories don’t count at an end of summer ice cream sundae bar.

Make a Photobook

No matter how you have spent your summer, you made some memories. Make a photo book to remember them by. You can do something simple and just include photos or make a more detailed scrapbook. Do this every year to help get those photos off of your camera and remember these years well into the future.

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Lazy Summer Days

Enjoy those last lazy summer days. Before you have to start the alarms and rush to get kids on the school bus. I love having low-key summer mornings. After all the camps have ended but before the busy-ness of school begins.

I love the change of seasons. I love how when I get sick of one season, another is right out there waiting to take over. And as summer comes to a close, I want to celebrate the good and say goodbye as fall rushes in.

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