The unofficial end of summer is almost here. Don’t you think you should close out the season of sun with style? We do, too. So fire up the grill and get your friends together for an extravaganza to celebrate the last of summer’s sunny days and relaxed schedules. We’ve got DIY decor ideas and a delicious menu that screams “SUMMER!” and is just perfect for the occasion. One last hurrah before we descend into the colder months… Who’s with us?!


Fruit Cubes

Have you ever heard “it’s the little things that matter” or “it’s all in the details”? Of course you have. Well it’s time to take that advice to heart and put it to use this weekend. Fruit cubes give everyone’s drink a fun little flair, no matter what’s in their cup. (Design Love Fest)

Ribbon Wreath

These ribbon wreaths are cute and easy; the perfect little party favor to make things feel festive and frivolous. Pray for a little summer breeze because these look even better blowing in the wind. (An Extraordinary Day)

Gnome Bowling

The long, warm days won’t last long. Take advantage of the summer sun before it’s gone and challenge your neighbors to a game of gnome lawn bowling. Who’s going to get the first strike? (Makezine)


Watermelon Margarita

Is there a fruit that is more quintessentially summer than the watermelon? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, you’ll enjoy this cool and refreshing boozy drink. Just as good without the alcohol, too, so feel free to serve it to guests of all ages! (All Recipes)

Apps & Sides

Marinated Three-Bean Salad

Something this easy shouldn’t taste so good. Seriously. This super-light three-bean salad is perfect for chefs of any skill level. Whether you’re a master chef or a cooking novice, your guests will be drooling over this one. (Taste of Home)

Potato Salad

What’s a summer cookout without a little bit of potato salad? Hardly a summer cookout at all. Sometimes pays to add some wackiness to the menu. Other times, it’s best to just stick with the classics. (Bon Appetit)


Bang Bang Burgers

Send summer out with these aptly named Bang Bang Burgers! These things pack a punch but aren’t too spicy, so don’t be afraid to grab a burger and chow down even if you’re usually spice-averse. Maybe even have two burgers… you won’t be needing that summer body anymore. (delish)

Eggplant Wraps with Tahini Sauce

For any vegetarians or vegans in the crowd, these eggplant wraps are sure to become a new favorite. Even meat-eating guests will be asking you for the recipe. They’re that good. (Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen)


Peach Trifle

If the watermelon isn’t the official fruit of summer, then it’s gotta be the peach. This dessert will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth with every forkful of scrumptious summer flavor. (All Recipes)

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