In just a few weeks, the days will get shorter, the weather will get cooler, and fall will be upon us. But the impending end of summer is no reason to ditch the healthy habits you fostered over the season and say sayonara to your well-being. In fact, many of the wellness practices you kept throughout the warmer months can be transitioned into fall with just a few tweaks, such as the 8 ideas below.

1. Embrace the Great Outdoors

The long days of summer beckon us to be outdoors. Between swimming in the pool, playing at the park, and family vacations, there was no shortage of excuses to get outside on sunnier days. Despite the chillier weather, outdoor adventures are just as welcome in the fall, especially because the shorter days will have you craving vitamin D. You’ll finally get to take advantage of the peak of the afternoon when it may have been too hot to brave the sun over the summer. Round up your family for a friendly game of football, take advantage of seasonal activities like pumpkin picking, or go on a hike to enjoy the changing leaves.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Lazy summer mornings were a great time to slowly savor a nourishing breakfast at the kitchen table or, better yet, outside on the porch. The uptick in school and work schedules that fall brings might tempt you to rush through breakfast or skip it all together, but chugging coffee on your way out the door is no way to start your day. A filling breakfast will jump-start your energy levelsand ward off crazy cravings later on. Try making a batch of homemade granola to enjoy throughout the week or keep some variety with these easy ideas.

3. Get Your Blood Pumping

With all the opportunities to run and play outside in the summer, getting your daily movement in is a no-brainer. Autumn, on the other hand, tends to be a time to ground down and slow down, but this doesn’t mean regular exercise should slide off your agenda. Instead, use this as an opportunity to shake up your workout routine by swapping swimming for cycling and outdoor workouts for indoor classes.

4. Eat Seasonally

It’s easy to fill your plate with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables during the summer months, but fresh produce becomes harder to track down as the weather gets colder. Don’t use this as an excuse to skimp out on nutrients, however. Check the freezer aisle of your grocery store for produce that was frozen at peak-ripeness. Then visit your local farmers market (many stay open well into November) to check out produce grows locally in fall.

5. Stay Hydrated

We all know a healthy body requires hydration, whether or not the summer heat has you sweating. Stick to the goal of drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, enjoyed in small doses throughout the entire day. This will ensure you’re always adequately hydrated while warding off mood swings, skin aging, and weight gain. Try to reduce your coffee, tea, and soda intake, as well, as the caffeine and sugar in these beverages aid in dehydration.

6. Take Care of Your Skin

Don’t let sunscreen slip from your mind just because its storefront displays have been replaced by pumpkin spice-scented candles. The sun’s rays can damage your skin no matter the season, so make sure you’re applying an SPF of at least 30 each time you go outside. Additionally, the light and gentle products that made up your summer skincare routine may need to be switched out for richer moisturizers and hydrating face masks to defend against dry air and blustery winds.

7. Rethink Spring Cleaning

The impending cold weather inspires many of us to hunker down in our homes and create a comfortable space to cozy up, but there’s a definite difference between cozy and cluttered! If you plan on spending the majority of your fall at home (especially if you’re planning to host a holiday or two), start the season off right by doing a purge of any items that may have built up over the summer. Clear out any clutter and swap out summer decorations for pumpkins and candles.

8. Make Room for Me-Time

The relaxed and varied schedule of summer offers plenty of opportunity for downtime, whether it’s a quiet drive after dropping the kids off at camp or a cocktail hour beneath the sunset. Those opportunities may not come up as naturally in fall, but it’s important to continue to enjoy quiet moments to yourself throughout the week. This time will keep you grounded and centered and help you transition into the season with ease. Try going for a short walk in the afternoon or carving out time to read a chapter of a good book in the evening.

Feeling healthy, strong, and centered lays the foundation for an enjoyable season. Carry these 8 healthy habits over into fall and get ready for a great few months ahead.

Stay Healthy All Season Long:

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