As summer winds down and the sun seems less intense, it’s easy to think we no longer have to use sunscreen. Even though beach trips may be in the rear view mirror, it’s still important to remember to protect your skin from the fall environment.

With the beating your skin is more likely to have gotten June through August, now is the time to moisturize and exfoliate. Below are 5 tips to keeping your skin healthy and youthful through the crisp fall months.

1. Even though it smells nice, try a soap-free cleanser for your face. Soap will dry out your skin when you need that moisture now!

2. Exfoliate your whole body.

3. Use body cream instead of body lotion. The extra oil will help keep your skin hydrated.

4. Use lip balm regularly to avoid cracking, chapped lips.

5. Start using hand cream now!

Sunburn just isn’t the only thing we need to worry about affecting our skin. So, make these actions a part of your routine through the winter for continued radiant skin.

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