Will you be wearing green or orange… and will a sneaky leprechaun pinch you if you’re not? It all goes down on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, it’s that time of year again when leprechauns rile you with their shenanigans, parades trail down city streets filled with dancing, pipes and drums, school kids whip up crafts and snacks at parties drenched in shamrock decor, and you sneak off to a pub for some Irish whiskey. Well, it’s just a guess.

If you can’t think of anything better to do, we’ve got you covered with 7 ways to celebrate the occasion.

1) Attend an Event

St. Patrick’s Day events are always filled with luck, whimsy, and cheer — whether it’s class party fueled by green-iced cupcakes or an “adult’s only” affair where the Guinness never stops flowing, or this event our on-location Ambassador participated in at Camp Lejeune.


2) Eat Your Greens

Finally, the one day of the year where “eating green” doesn’t refer to plates of spinach! Treat your Military Family to a hearty, traditional Irish meal followed by an untraditional but no less scrumptious dessert (because sometimes you just have to commit to a theme).


3) Create a Pot of Gold

No need to chase down the end of a rainbow for magical St. Patrick’s Day dessert ideas to captivate your Military Kids. All the whimsy you need is right here on SpouseLink, such as these rainbow cupcakes.


4) Learn Your History

Do you know the origin of St. Patrick’s Day? Dive into the history or lore of the holiday with eye-opening articles such as the one below.


5) Do a Jig

Beyond whiskey and shamrocks, the Irish are famed for their storytelling abilities. This awe-inspiring sensation combined the best of Irish lore and Irish dance for a performance that’s unforgettable any time of year.

6) Get Crafty

There’s always mischief afoot on St. Patrick’s Day. Help your kids keep an eye out for it with these leprechaun lookers from Love Your Littles. 

7) Search for Leprechauns

Round up Your MilSpouse friends for a night of laughter and love with the light-hearted romance Chasing Leprechauns. (We’ve found it’s best enjoyed with a side of those rainbow cupcakes we mentioned earlier).

More Ways to Get Your Green On:

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