Our Teammates Are Just Like You

If you want to know what it takes to get through military life, you go to the source. Because they live it, just like you do.

The SpouseLink Ambassadors are creative, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly representatives of both SpouseLink and AAFMAA. These active-duty Military Spouses host and participate in military and related events connecting with members of their local communities throughout the year — in-person and online.

If you live in or near one of their duty stations, be sure to look for them at local military events and stop by to say hi. Or look for their announcements on Facebook so you can participate in one of their fun MilSpouse get-togethers. Let them know what you’re interested in so they can work their Ambassador magic and create an event you’ll enjoy!

Ambassador Profiles

Jessica Doty

Ambassador at Camp Lejeune, NC
Marine Spouse

Jessica was our first Ambassador at Camp Lejeune. Then she moved to Stuttgart, Germany, for three years! Now she’s returning to Camp Lejeune and is ready to pick up where GiGi left off prior to move to San Diego this summer.

Tiffany Marquis

Ambassador at Fort Bragg, NC
Army Spouse

Tiffany is no stranger to celebrating military life. She was named AFI’s 2020 Fort Bragg Military Spouse of the Year, right after her family was named Fort Bragg Military Family of the Year for 2019! 

Angelique Boessen

Ambassador at Fort Carson, CO
Army Spouse

If you need an “Angel” by your side in Colorado Springs, you’ve got one! She’s been part of our team for a few years and has managed to balance her role with being a busy wife and mom in a climate where snow falls in late spring.

Claudia Garrell

Ambassador at Fort Hood, TX
Army Spouse

Claudia is one of our newest Ambassadors, having joined our team in 2019. She has been working on several creative ideas to share with the Fort Hood military community and would enjoy growing her own community on social media. 

Kia Young

Ambassador at Fort Meade, MD
Army Spouse

Kia doesn’t just represent Fort Meade, she covers the entire DC Metro Area. But this successful businesswoman can handle it. Piece of cake! Good thing, because she also leads our podcast program! (And runs her own business, and…)

Emily Morgan

Ambassador at NAS Jacksonville, FL
Navy Spouse

Emily came on board as our Ambassador for Norfolk, VA, and then made a PCS move to Jacksonville, FL. This lucky lady has gotten to enjoy coastal scenery, sun and sand for some time now. And, thanks to her, we found her Norfolk replacement, Sarah!

Tara Smith

Ambassador at MacDill AFB, FL
Marine Spouse

Tara’s personality is as bright as the sunshine she gets to enjoy every day in Florida. She’s also small and mighty — packed with power that has helped her overcome the competition as part of a roller derby team!

Sarah Martinez

Ambassador at Naval Station Norfolk, VA
Navy Spouse

Sarah stepped right in when Emily left our Norfolk post behind. Since then, she’s been carrying on the job of hosting fun events for her community. She’s also as smart and sweet as can be. So if you need to connect with someone who understands… look her up!

Gisella Mancilla

Ambassador at San Diego, CA
Marine Spouse

We found “GiGi” thanks to one of our long-time Ambassadors, Jessica. She is a dynamo with her crafting skills, runs her own business, and has represented our Camp Lejeune community for a few years. Now she’s helping to keep San Diego classy.

Andrea Scherpich

Ambassador at Twentynine Palms, CA
Marine Spouse

Andrea was one of our first Ambassadors, originally representing Camp Pendleton. CA. But she soon headed out into the desert heat. As the wise one she is, she serves as a mentor to our newest Ambassadors and has starred in an AAFMAA video!


Katie Gushen
Fort Bragg, NC




Army Spouse and Relationship Manager
at AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust LLC

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Our Military Spouse Ambassadors are teammates stationed around the country. Learn more about them and see who may represent your area.


Follow our Ambassadors to stay in touch with your military community anytime on your favorite social media channels. They share the latest information that’s important to you, and more!


Each of our Ambassadors hosts many events throughout the year in their local military communities on behalf of both SpouseLink and AAFMAA. Contact an Ambassador to find out about when and where you can meet them.

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