When Americans are asked to name the world’s favorite fruit, the majority of folks will reply with apple, orange or banana. But those guesses would all be wrong – it’s mango! Are you surprised? Have you ever tasted a mango? Do you know how to tell when it’s ripe and how to peel, pit and dice it? If your answer to any of those questions is no, please read on; I’m prepared to clue you in. Once you’re in-the-know about mangoes, head straight to your commissary to put all that knowledge into practice. There are six varieties of mango that are normally available in the United States, and four of those are in peak season during June and July. Each variety has different coloring ranging from dark green with a small blush of dark red, to bright red with green and yellow overtones, to vibrant yellow all over. Obviously color is not the way to tell when a mango is ripe, so squeeze gently to judge ripeness for all varieties. Taste also varies by variety and ranges from sweet and creamy to rich, spicy and sweet, to mild and sweet. All varieties are very good, in my opinion, but do be sure to participate when your commissary offers tastings. Maybe you’ll discover an all-time favorite, or maybe you’ll agree with me, that all mangoes are marvelous. Mangoes have one long, flat, sometimes prickly seed that runs from end-to-end of the fruit, making it a bit of a puzzle as to how to best slice and dice it. Take home as many mangoes as you like and try a few of the delicious mango recipes that make up this week’s collection. Here’s my recipe for tasty Tropical Mango S’mores! Or check out the video for another mango dessert option!

What You’ll Need:

8 marshmallows 8 (3-inch) soft molasses cookies 1 large ripe mango, peeled, pitted and sliced Caramel sauce, toasted coconut and chopped macadamia nuts, as desired


1. Toast marshmallows on long metal skewers over hot coals until golden brown on the outside and soft on the inside. 2. Place marshmallows on four cookies (2 marshmallows per cookie) and top with mango slices. Drizzle with caramel sauce and sprinkle with coconut and nuts. 3. Top with remaining cookies and serve. Serves 4
About Kay I’m a busy working wife and mother of three. I depend on the commissary to provide the means to meet everyday challenges we all face. I do my best to make affordable family meals that are tasty, nutritious and quick and easy to make.   

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