Does it strike anyone else as strange that food manufacturers are now advertising “Real Food” ingredients on their products? There are a lot of brands out there using “real sugar,” “real cheese,” “real fruit,” and the list goes on… These advertising campaigns are turning the blame for eating unhealthy foods around on the consumer and making shoppers feel like these companies are doing us a favor by using more natural ingredients. What were they using before these ‘real’ ingredients?! Living in such a fast-paced society, we, as Americans, have a great appreciation for convenience.  Take a moment to consider healthier options that won’t break the bank or take too much time to prepare. Put an apple or banana in your bag each morning, or a bag of nuts. If you get hungry on-the-go and you already have something on-hand, you’re less likely to run for pre-packaged snacks. Think quick, easy and healthy options for yourself and your family.   What are some ways you help your family eat healthy?  

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