If you’re new to the Military Spouse world, Michele and ArtB. have some advice on what you need to know when joining Military life and when you move away. Michele has been a Navy Spouse for nearly 3 years and shares what she learned about the boot camp process. Here are a few tidbits that might help you if you’re partner is about to go, or is currently at boot camp:
  • They’ll only receive letters once a week.
  • Be supportive and positive in these letters. They’re going through a trying experience…so don’t give them any reason to stress about what’s going on back at home, if you can help it.
  • They won’t have access to cell phones or computers, so don’t expect texts and emails from them while they’re away.
  • You might get a random phone call from them….’might’ being the key word.
  • If there’s an emergency, contact their recruiter.
  • You should get information and expectations regarding boot camp from your partner’s recruiter before they leave.
  • You’ll get a letter to inform you about graduation about 1 month prior.
  • Graduation is always on a Friday….early on a Friday.
  • Only a limited number of people can attend their graduation, so be prepared. This will also be outlined in the letter you’ll receive announcing the date of the ceremony.
  • Get to graduation early!
Once your partner has successfully completed boot camp, you’ll soon be making a pretty major transition into Military life. Your spouse will be assigned to a duty station, and your family’s new adventure begins. Just note, the Navy will not pay for every move your family makes. They’ll only cover PCS and moves relating to your service member’s work in a location exceeding a specified period of time. They won’t pay for your family’s move if the service member is on short-term assignments and training assignments. In many cases, your family will be moving to a location where you don’t have any pre-existing connections or contacts. Embrace the other Military Spouses. Odds are that the first friends you’ll meet are the wives of your partner’s station.  You can also take advantage of community events to make civilian friends as well. Check out more Military Wives (Who Keep It Real) videos from ArtB.

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