Shortbread Santas, gingersnap snowflakes, and peanut butter angels are all staples on the holiday cookie platter, but why not gift your Military Family with something unexpected this year? From cassette tapes to ninjas to 3-D dinosaurs, the world of cookie cutters is far larger than it first appears. Pick up some new shapes that will have your family giggling and Santa’s chuckling belly shake like a bowl full of jelly.

1. Tetris Cookie Cutters

The only time you’ll actually try to lose a game of Tetris is when you’re waiting to take a bite out of one of these cookies.

2. Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Send your taste buds to a galaxy far, far away with this interstellar cookie cutter set.

3. Zombie Cookie Cutters

The ghosts of Christmas past aren’t so scary when they taste like gingerbread!

4. 3-D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

The shape may be prehistoric, but these cookies are fresh out of the oven.

5. Unicorn Cookie Cutter

Christmas is magical, unicorns are magical. It was only a matter of time before the two were combined.

6. Tea Party Cookie Cutters

Greet holiday guests with a piping hot kettle of tea and these matching treats.

7. Camera Cookie Cutter

Capture this year’s holiday memories with a buttery, shortbread-y bite of one of these cameras.

8. Mini Cactus Cookie Cutters

Don’t fret about taking a bite out of these cacti, the chocolate sprinkle needles won’t do you any harm.

9. Type-Style Cookie Cutters

Write your own festive holiday message in stylish (and edible) type.

10. Super Mario Cookie Cutters

Your Military Kids will have a blast decorating gingerbread versions of their favorite video game characters.

11. Barbie and Ken Cookie Cutters

We recommend embellishing Toyland’s most famous fashionista with extra sprinkles.

12. Tropical Cookie Cutters

If we have Christmas in July then why not have July at Christmas?

13. Harry Potter House Crest Cookie Cutters

Inject a little magic into your holiday with desserts from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

14. Marvel Comics Cookie Cutter

Treat your real-life superhero servicemember spouse to some of their favorite fictional heroes.

15. Homemade Cookie Stamp

Is your gingerbread recipe too good to be true? These stamps will prove it really did come out of your kitchen.


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