By Mary Ann Eckberg 
Guest Contributor at

While waiting in line at the commissary on base, I couldn’t help but overhear the enthusiastic commentary of the little girl in front of me. Quizzing her patient mother, she asked, “Can we have a backyard big enough for a trampoline?” and “Will we be close enough to see Gram and Pop?”

Her honest inquiries were a joyful addition to her twirling dance routine around their brimming shopping cart. Clearly, this military family was anticipating a PCS in the near future. To her credit, the mother kept each response to the little girl precise and upbeat.

This snapshot of everyday life got me thinking about how a military family can keep a positive perspective when orders for an off-season move come along…

For more on what you and your family can do to make an upcoming PCS as smooth as possible, check out the full article in AAFMAA’s INTEL Center.

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