Disney World: The most magical place on Earth. But with multiple parks, hundreds of hotel options, and countless additional attractions to choose from, no two people do Disney exactly the same way. There’s a whole lot of magic to take in! Honestly, with all those options, things can be a bit overwhelming.

Lucky for you, Disneyformilitary.com has added to their already wide array of Disney tips, tricks, and resources with the mother of all Disney guides. You’ll never need another Disney guide, brochure or tutorial ever again.

Available for download and fully free of charge, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Walt Disney World for Military Families’ is an amazing ebook with everything you need to know about everybody’s favorite amusement park. From getting your tickets to choosing your hotel to what dining options best fit your trip. Even if you’ve been to Disney once, twice, or more times than you can count, we’re sure there’s something new in this guide for you.

Got some thrill-seekers that want to stick with the coasters all weekend? No problem. Or maybe your MilFam wants to cool off at the waterparks? They’ve got those covered, too. They’ve even got a few guidelines for those that want to get away from the crowds for a quiet, relaxing, vacation. You actually can achieve that at Disney, you just have to be in the know.

Most importantly, this guide has a thorough rundown of all the exclusive options you have as a member of the Military community. Disney sure does a lot to thank our servicemembers, veterans, and MilFams, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be taking full advantage of the perks. Uncover all of Disney’s military-only deals along with other vacation features that are exclusive to MilFams in this free ebook.

If you didn’t think the Disney trips could get any better, think again. This cheat sheet just changed the game.

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