Have you noticed changes in the way we’re reaching out to military spouses throughout the military community? We’re transforming the way SpouseLink connects with our network to reach a wider audience and create better opportunities for you to feel supported, informed, and inspired™.

Our team of SpouseLink Ambassadors are part of that effort. Find out a little bit more about them, what they do, and how they are helping to build up military spouses worldwide!

Do you love Instagram? Scrolling, liking, sharing, stories, engaging, and reels? Gisella Mancilla is our SpouseLink Ambassador who brings military life, humor, tears, and heart to Instagram!  

When you meet Gisella (“GiGi”) you’ll find a military spouse who is passionate about community. GiGi likes to say that wherever she PCS’s she sets down roots and builds friendships that make it even harder to leave each duty station. She’s a dynamo with her crafting skills and owns her own business, Happy Bean Creations, selling hand-crafted items through Etsy. She’s the mom of two amazing kids and the proud Marine Corps wife. 

If you aren’t already following GiGi’s posts and reels on the SpouseLink Instagram Page, we encourage you to click that link and follow us! We promise you’ll find inspiration, information, events, and so much more from our clever Instagram mastermind. 

Gigi’s best advice for military spouses struggling with finding community is, “Courage often begins by stepping outside the box, embracing the unknown, and connecting with new opportunities. As military spouses, your strength lies not just in adaptability, but in your ability to thrive beyond the confines of your comfort zone. Embrace the journey, connect with the world, and let your resilience shine.”

Wherever her family is, that’s where Andrea’s heart lies. She’s a mom first and foremost who is always looking for ways to better support military families in whatever they are doing. 

As one of our first Ambassadors, Andrea has seen a lot of changes in the SpouseLink program over the years. Now, as a traveling Ambassador, she attends events around the country highlighting the ways SpouseLink supports military spouses as they navigate the military’s complicated lifestyle.

When you meet her at an event, be sure to ask her about a favorite book or television show. Both are downtime activities Andrea loves.

What does Andrea say about supporting other military spouses as a SpouseLink Ambassador? 

“As a Military Spouse and Spouselink Ambassador I am fortunate to be able to meet military spouses around the country. I love being able to meet them where they are and provide resources and information. As a military family we face unique challenges and I love to be able to support spouses in anyway that I can.”

Tara’s personality is as bright as the Florida sunshine, which is where she first joined Spouselink as an Ambassador. As a Canadian native born in Montreal, Québec, she met her husband on vacation visiting her family in Barbados. He was serving a one-year tour on Marine Security Guard duty. Like many military love stories, they dated long-distance and married three years later. 

Tara is a licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate with a Master’s degree in Social Work from Florida State University. Her education blends well with her deep understanding and ability to support military spouses as they navigate difficult challenges that come with each PCS, deployment, and TDY.

“I want to give back to the military community because it has provided several unforgettable opportunities that have enriched my life. I find purpose in supporting our military community as a military spouse because I understand the sacrifices endured by our service members. Through giving back, I aim to express gratitude for the invaluable experiences and connections that being part of the military family has bestowed upon me.”

Tara is a new mom of the cutest and youngest “SpouseLink Ambassador.” She brings career, employment, and military spouse life wisdom to the SpouseLink LinkedIn page. Looking for military-focused organizations that support military families around the world? Tara is your first stop and looks forward to connecting with you.

Anna is the first of our Ambassadors to focus her activities on military families who are getting ready to leave Active Duty for civilian life. This includes transitioning servicemembers and seasoned retiring military families. 

When her own Veteran spouse retired, she found that transitioning was a lot more difficult than she’d ever imagined. Add that to her passion for supporting military spouses and SpouseLink created a much-needed hub for her to reach transitioning and retiring military families. 

Through SpouseLink, Anna has created a series of livestreams featuring guests that provide resources for military spouses and Veterans through the transition and retirement process.

“When we retired, one of my greatest heartaches was losing touch with the military community that had supported me through two decades of my life. But now I get to be part of supporting military spouses and Veterans through their ‘final PCS’ into the civilian world.”

Anna’s livestream chat sessions appear on Facebook and LinkedIn. You’ll also find them on the SpouseLink YouTube page, where you can watch replays of all past streams!

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