Is is possible to go overboard with gardening… even if it’s a tiny garden? A handful of Military Spouses recently joined SpouseLink Ambassador Sarah at an April 2018 event in Norfolk, VA, that turned out beautiful. Did they go overboard? Well… they each made three terrariums, so… maybe. But it sounds like they were on a roll and couldn’t stop the fun of putting decorative touches on their terrarium masterpieces.

Sarah also shared with us that one of the MilSpouses was facing her first deployment and another was from out of the country. Sounds like a great opportunity to share the SpouseLink love and lend them both some support and understanding. Great job, Sarah!

Will you be “green” with envy at their beautiful works of art?

Take a look:

Meet SpouseLink Ambassador Sarah

She’s served as our representative at Naval Station Norfolk, VA and in Key West, FL.


More Fun with Sarah in Norfolk:

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