SpouseLink Ambassador Emily, assisted by upcoming 2018 Ambassador Sarah, hosted an amazing DIY decor event at the Mermaid Factory in Norfolk, VA in October 2017. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Emily had to say about it:

We had our “October Mermaids” event yesterday here in Norfolk! It was at Mermaid Factory and we had all spouses attend! One was even a veteran herself which was cool! I thought this would be a great event because Mermaids are Norfolk’s “Signature Art” or mascot; they are all over the city spotted downtown, at the malls, even on Base. It was all military spouses who are not from here so, it’s a little piece of Norfolk or this duty station to take with them when they move to a new place. All the girls loved it and we had so much fun. I got to meet many new faces, which was great!

Did the mermaids all swim away in the end? How did everyone’s projects turn out?

Watch to find out!

Meet SpouseLink Ambassador Sarah

She’s served as our representative at Naval Station Norfolk, VA and in Key West, FL.


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