St. Patrick’s Day is almost here again. Lucky for us, Bigger Bolder Baking‘s Gemma Stafford shares her authentic Irish recipes to help us celebrate the day with the traditional and tasty flavors of Ireland. We’ve got 3 of her recipes below to help you plan your snacking throughout the day.

But Gemma’s also got a whole list of traditional Irish favorites you can add into the mix to make your March 17 celebration that much happier… plus, plenty of other mouthwatering treats you can enjoy year round.

Let’s get cooking!

Top o’ the Day

Start your St. Patrick’s Day morning with berries and cream nestled within a fresh-baked scone. It’s easier to pull together than you many think. Watch Gemma’s preparation tips:

Snack Time:

Gemma consulted her mom on this one. You can bring her childhood memory of these pie-shaped potato wedges in your own kitchen with her simple how-to. They’re cooked on top of the stove in a frying pan. See how she does it:

In the Evening:

The more dollops of cream, the better. End your celebration with something warm and sweet, with a little chocolate on top. These classic flavors will make your taste buds sing “Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral“. Take a look:

Get more of Gemma’s recipes here. Which one will be your family’s favorite? Tell us in the comments.

More Irish Holiday Recipe Ideas to Try:

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