Do you know the importance of knowing what you are putting in your body? If you watched my video post on real food then you know that it is hard to tell what you are eating and if you are even eating real food if it comes out of a package. You don’t know what the hell they are using to create food nowadays. Yes I said create!  The thought of food makes me think of it as a creation or something out of the movie Frankenstein.

Eating artificial food (stated plainly) is just not good for us. We are not doing our bodies any favors by eating foods that are not technically “real food”. Today, I wanted to take this thought a step farther. Eating healthy is not just about the food itself, but how we prepare the food. Initially, when getting on my health kick and getting my family on board, I thought just the foods were all that matter. It so much more than that! It is how you cook and prepare the food that can make a big difference in your health as well. Being the cheapskate that I am, I invested in healthy foods and prepared them in the cheapest way possible. This included cheap Teflon pans and pots, plastic bowls, plastic plates, and microwave safe dishes.

I wish I knew this a lot sooner. I honestly did not have any idea about the dangers of using the microwave or plastic until my adult years. All of these preparation methods have been linked to cancer. Cancer! That scared the crap out of me. As mothers, we want to protect our family from as much as possible and that includes illnesses. Discovering this possibility, I must admit this made me sick to my stomach. Growing up, we didn’t really talk about that sort of thing. I remember the first time one of my coworkers mentioned the dangers of a microwave. I was like, “what the he-ahlll!” My next thought was about all the TV dinners I had in the freezer. When I say “a healthy lifestyle is a journey”, I mean it! Still is for me! It took me awhile to see the bigger picture. There are many dangers with utilizing the aforementioned products to prepare your and your family’s food.

According to “Dangers Of Teflon” via, “research indicates fumes from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) may not be safe.“ Polytetrafluoroethylene is the scientific term for Teflon. Any time I hear about the dangers of all the things I used to prepare my healthy foods with and I cringe. I look back and think how much I negated my intentions of being health. But life is about learning and growing, and I am definitely learning new things every day. Making the switch and using more health friendly ways  to prepare food was not as hard as I thought. We put so much stock in convenience and the importance of our health falls by the wayside.

So I included a link for great information to inform yourself as well here from Natural News.


Till Next Time….Don’t Get Stuck Using Teflon!  Knowledge is power. Woo Hoo!


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