“A new year, a new you,” is a popular saying as 2014 approaches and lots of parents set new goals for both their families and their own personal health. For families who want to go somewhere in 2014, here are five great tips for getting active and getting everyone together this year.

1. Go Rock Climbing

An awesome adventure to try with your kids is rock climbing. You can start at a nearby climbing gym which will give you basic instructions on hooking up harnesses and belaying ropes. Then, you can practice indoors on specially designed rock walls. Kids usually love the challenge of scrambling from grip to grip and identifying the best route to follow. And later, your family may want to try climbing real rocks and faces outdoors.

2. Go Swimming

If your family doesn’t already swim, 2014 is the perfect time to start. USA Swimming recommends that all children take beginning swimming lessons to become familiar with the water, how to float and how to perform basic strokes. Learning how to swim can be a powerful tool for survival because “Participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent among children aged one to four years.”

In addition to keeping little ones and big ones safe, swimming is a fantastic source of exercise and recreation. Whether it is enjoying a heated indoor pool in the winter months or diving into the ocean during summer beach days, swimming offers a fun way to improve endurance while cooling off and enjoying the water.

3. Go Hiking

Another great outdoors activity to enjoy as a family is hiking. Most communities have lots of local trails to find. While planning a fun day hike, you can teach your children about reading maps and identifying routes. Hiking also offers the opportunity to breathe some fresh air while enjoying the natural beauty of a wildlife preserve or National Park.

4. Go Skiing

If you are ready to get outside in January and all the snow seems in your way, take your family on a skiing and snowboarding trip. Pack your old downhill skis on top of the mini van and load up on mittens and socks. Parents who are veteran skiers can coach their kids in the art of this snowy sport. Less experienced moms and dads might want to enroll in ski school with their kiddos. No matter how you choose to hit the slopes, a ski trip this winter might just turn into an annual family hobby.

5. Go Dancing

For parents and kids who want to add a little culture to their New Year’s resolutions, dancing lessons might be a surprisingly fun adventure. Whether you register for adult dance classes or sign the kids up for tap and ballet, dancing can be a fun way for the family to learn artistic expression while staying active.

With these five ideas, your family can resolve to have an incredibly fun and active year in 2014.


What are some of your healthy living resolutions for this year?

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