Military Spouses need a strong support network for a couple of very important reasons. Your “tribe” knows the hardship of frequent moves and deployment, being away from your spouse and constantly juggling parenthood and a career.

But, the most difficult part of finding that “tribe” is knowing that you (or they) might have to move at any given moment. That’s where virtual communities can come in handy. In addition to those you meet on base, your online community — and all the connections in it — will travel with you.

Get to Know Your Local SpouseLink Ambassador Online

SpouseLink is proud to have Ambassadors stationed across the United States. Connect with your local Ambassador via the social channels below so that you’re always up to date on their in-person and virtual events.

Even if they’re not in your current location, our Ambassadors move around as much as you do and as part of such an extensive network of Military Spouses all around the country, have the opportunity to continue in their role as a SpouseLink Ambassador wherever they go!

Connect with them here:

Facebook Groups for Military Spouses

Facebook Groups are another great way to find those you share interests with, and Military Spouses have many different groups to choose from to include in their online community. Whether you are planning a PCS move, needing a place to vent, or struggling with certain life issues, there is a Facebook Group waiting to help you.

Here are a few to try:

How do you stay involved with the military community online? We’d love to hear about it!

More Ways to Make a Connection:

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