Pantone’s done it again. By announcing their Color of the Year, they’ve directly set a trend for fashion and marketing and inadvertently directed the energy and attitude of 2019.

Colors certainly have an effect on our moods—powdery blues calm and center, while vibrant reds get us energized—and Living Coral, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, invites us all to press “reset” on the hectic, cluttered areas of our lives. Both sprightly and mellow, it brings to mind serene tropical fish, blooming wildflowers, and the sparkling taste of citrus. By wearing or surrounding yourself with Living Coral, you invite in a warming, natural presence that uplifts your spirit while reminding you to stay lighthearted and open-minded. There’s no better attitude to have when embarking on new resolutions and embracing everything the new year has in store.

Are you ready to feel inspired and optimistic in 2019? Read on to learn how to incorporate Living Coral into your life this year.


Incorporate a little Living Coral into your makeup routine to find an extra dose of joy every time you catch your smile in the mirror. Zabrena has easy ways to wear this punchy color.


Wrap yourself in the warmth of this year’s most lively fashion statement. Stasia Alia has some inspiration to help you pull it off.


Create a nourishing sanctuary of imagination using these designs ideas from Karinka Oil.


Stay inspired long past the afternoon slump by adorning your desktop with a Living Coral background.


More Inspiration for the New Year:

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