New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for individual goals such as hitting the gym more. By setting group resolutions for your entire Military Family, you can grow stronger, closer, and more harmonious as a team. Make the best of next year and all the years to come with the 6 family resolutions below.

1. Work on your communication

It’s certainly not uncommon for misunderstandings and conflicts to arise between parents and children, but they don’t have to result in slammed doors and timeouts.

Actively work on improving communication between all members of your family and learn how to resolve conflict through open and honest conversation. Not only will you grow stronger and more resilient as a military family, but you’ll also come to understand each other better so conflicts may be avoided in the future.

2. Cook healthy meals together

What parent wouldn’t love to have their children eat more vegetables? It can seem impossible when you have a little one that turns their nose up at anything green, but studies show that kids that cook are more likely to eat healthier foods and skip the junk.

Cooking gives kids pride, ownership, and understanding over their meal, which encourages them to enjoy it. Bonus: They’ll be well equipped to take care of themselves once they leave the nest.

3. Focus on quality time 

Life is busy what with work, school, and after-school activities, and other obligations. So, instead of trying to squeeze more family time into your schedule, increase the quality of the time you already have.

This means putting away phones, turning off the TV, and being fully present and engaged with your family.

4. Laugh together

Think back to a time you made a really great friend, whether it was when you were in school or when you moved to a new base.

While you probably clicked on many levels, there’s a good chance that the ability to have fun in each other’s company is what really sealed the relationship.  The same principle applies to your family, as the more you have fun and laugh together, the stronger your bond will grow.

5. Volunteer as a family

Volunteering is a great way to teach kids about the importance of giving back and caring for those in your community. Brainstorm causes and groups that are important to your family, and make a list of ways you can support them, whether it’s participating in a charity run or collecting clothing to donate.

Need some ideas? Check out these MilSpouse-founded nonprofits that support the Military Community.

6. Take more pictures

If there’s one thing every parent agrees on, it’s that kids grow up fast. Capture every little moment you share with them by taking more family pictures.

You’ll be happy to have the memories to savor for yourself and share with your children’s families one day.

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