In honor of Father’s Day, SpouseLink Ambassador Andrea put the call out to her SpouseLink community at Twentynine Palms, asking to see photos of Military Dads doing what they do best in her “My Dad, My Hero” Father’s Day Photo Contest on Facebook.

The rules were simple: Share a photo and quick funny story of why dad is your kids’ (and family’s) hero! The photo with the most reactions (likes, hearts, wows, cares all count) would win a ‘Hero’s Crate,’ a customized gift basket based on his interests.

In the end, the love of 9 Military Families was on display while Andrea shared the benefits of SpouseLink and AAFMAA with them. Nice work, Andrea!


Submitted by Alex M:

“This man right here, is our family’s hero. He just received his Master’s Degree all while working a full time job, going to military school, being an active dad and husband, among many other things. The amount of nights he stayed up late when we were sleeping, or mornings he got up long before us to do homework before he went to work. He chose to further his education and get his MBA to ensure his family is provided for! He makes me proud each and every day❤”

Submitted by Lauren B.:

“She may be young but she knows her daddy is always there for her. He’s her hero the moment he steps out the door to go to work and the moment he walks in to kiss her. Being 3 months old might be young but the smile she shows the second he looks at her makes a mom’s heart melt. He is even continuing in furthering his education by getting his Bachelor’s degree. Everything he does is to better himself to show her that she can do anything.”

Submitted by Michelle A.:

“To the leader of our pack (although I claim to be the leader just to make sure he doesn’t get a big head). I can’t think of any funny stories on the spot, but I can say that currently he is a hero to the kids because he has been smoke-free for 100 days (and counting)! The kids hounded him enough (and maybe my 15+ years of nagging finally paid off?) and he has resorted to building model cars to cope with the time he used to spend smoking. He just got our youngest her first one to work on (as pictured, she still needs her daddy’s help). 💖 Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there! 👨‍👧‍👧”

Submitted by Emily G.

“This man is a great dad that works hard and plays even harder. He has given our little a love for adventure and wonder. We wouldn’t trade him for anything. Victoria- ‘my daddy is so great because he saves the world and he loves me the most.’”

Submitted by Cara H.

“This is Willow Kathleen and her hero, her daddy. We have two older boys, Parker and Terrick, (6&14) and this is their hero too!! This is our first girl and man does she have him wrapped around her finger!! Willow is 7 months old and her daddy has been serving for 21 years. He’s been our hero since day one. Our fondest memories, so far, is watching daddy and brothers ride their dirt bikes together. She’s a TOTAL outdoors girl. And loves the sound of their bikes starting up!!”

Submitted by Jasmin M.

“This will forever be my favorite photo of my husband with our baby. The way they love each other is incredible, I’ve never seen such a strong bond between a father & daughter. Blessed to have this hero in my life 💕”

Submitted by Haeli G.

“Doing dad things! I had woken up early to shower and came out to see my husband holding all 3 of the babes and he was so proud of himself too🥰 He’s such an amazing father and since he’s had shoulder surgery he hasn’t been able to hold his kiddos and he’s been so broken up about it. To him family is everything and he’s so proud of the one he has built! He’s our hero because he’s so selfless, he’s always willing to help anyone and has an open door policy with just about everyone he knows 💙”

Submitted by Camie D.

“Aken and Ellianna’s favorite hero, their daddy!💕 they are both so much like him and it kills me😂 Elli is a big daddy’s girl! Her first word was dada and she loves to tell him stories. Aken loves to go on adventures with his dada and loves to help him with stuff around the house! Forever grateful I got blessed with this man to be the father of my children and my children to have him to look up to.”

The Winner

Submitted by Jatie H.

“THIS MAN! He is the definition of selfless! Even after hard and long days of teaching students, doing online courses to further his education, and working out- he still comes home to these 2 boys and makes time to play with them and help mold them. He helps me cook & clean and makes sure I still get my alone time before he even thinks about himself. We love you daddy! You are the best father, husband, and friend 🖤”

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