Cha-ching! That’s the winning sound of a fun evening that happened in the “casino hall” in April 2018 at Twentynine Palms, CA. And SpouseLink Ambassador Andrea was there, representing AAFMAA at Casino Night, and giving away a prize! What was in the cards for the players? Did they spin a win or out of control? Who knows?! But it looks like a fancy dinner, prizes and a lot of fun were had by all. MilFam Bonus: Andrea shared important information about AAFMAA and SpouseLink with the event’s attendees. All in an evening’s work…

What kind of fun was in the cards? See for yourself:

Meet SpouseLink
Ambassador Andrea

She served as our representative at Twentynine Palms, CA for 5 years and is currently at Camp Pendleton, CA. Connect with her for insights about the areas she’s lived in.


More Winning Moments with Our Ambassadors:

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