Whether you’re making something for your kids, or they’re making something for you or their friends, creating something from scratch is always a thoughtful way to show someone how you feel. It could be a craft project based on a loved one’s favorite thing, or a delicious, easy-to-make meal, or coupons for events to go to together. Virtually anything you can think of to celebrate someone you love is a great idea. For a little inspiration, here are some easy valentine gifts for kids.

  1. Chocolate-covered fruit. Strawberries, pineapple chunks and apples coated in a thick layer of dark, milk or white chocolate are a perfect and sweet combination. Here’s one way to do it that involves putting strawberries on skewers with mint leaves to resemble a bouquet, from Disney Family: Strawberry Rosebuds.
  2. Polka dot or striped cookies. You can’t go wrong with beautiful red heart-shaped cookies drizzled in white chocolate. See how to make them with this Food Network recipe: White Chocolate Valentines.
  3. Something for everyone. Craft a unique gift from the heart, from pink pom-pom monsters to a heart-shaped coffee filter wreath, hand-painted wood cutouts or stones, and more. Here is a fun collection of ideas from Country Living that is sure to please your favorite love bugs: 32 DIY Valentine Gifts.
  4. Even more to make. Add a heart-shaped embellishment to a hat or jacket, design holiday-inspired string art, add sparkle with sequins and glitter… and beyond. So much loving inspiration from HGTV will tug at your heartstrings: Easy Valentine Crafts.
  5. Games to play. Create something fun to keep little kids entertained, beyond the valentine cards and sweet treats. Here are some activities to try from Hallmark: Heart-y Valentine Party Ideas.

How do your little ones like to express their love to you? Share your thoughts below.

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