Not feeling the love this month because your Military servicemember is away? It’s easy to let holidays that are meant to be spent together get you down… but don’t. Instead, focus on the people around you — and yourself! — because all of you deserve to spend the time in a way that makes you happy and feel good.

Need more convincing? We’re on it! We’ve pulled together a few stories to inspire your desire to celebrate — some romantic, some creative, some funny… You get the idea. We assure you you’ll have a happy Valentine’s Day if you do any of these many things. Take a look:

10 Military Romance Movies to Watch When Your Loved Ones Are Deployed on Valentine’s Day

Although nothing can ever be as good as time with your significant other, these Military romance movies will have you feeling the love from miles away. So grab a few MilSpouse friends, some popcorn, and enjoy… See if your favorite movie is on the list.

7 Ways for Military Kids to Say “I Love You” Across the Miles

How do you share the love with a parent, grandparent, or other family member across the miles? Well, for kids… it’s easier than you may think to pull together a loving sentiment and send it off. All you have to do is look at them, and you’ll know exactly what their loved one would want most from them — a connection. Keep reading for crafty ideas.

Tips for Military Families Celebrating Valentine’s Day During a Deployment

Holidays, which are meant to be a time for celebration, can often intensify negative emotions when you are apart from a loved one. However, there are still many ways to celebrate as a Military Family and share your appreciation for your serving spouse if they are away this Valentine’s Day. Read on for suggestions.

More Valentine’s Day Inspiration:





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