Today on Thursday’s Healthy Living Series, the Hippy Fit Mom is here to discuss motivation and inspiration when coming up with exercise ideas for the gym. Let’s see what helpful advice Amber has to share:
The gym is an intimidating place, especially for newcomers. I know when I started working out at the gym, I was lost! 101 Workouts for Women was my saving grace after I had my kids. I needed guidance to get my post-baby abs back, and I just wanted to share with you all what helped me get back into my fitness routine. If you’re not a fan of the gym, this book also has exercises that would work perfectly from home too.  Since it’s broken down by body parts, you can find great routines that will help you target the areas you want to work on most. Motivated? Checkout the HippyFitMom Store to pick up a copy of your own.   What motivates you?  

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