If you and your soldier are planning an upcoming wedding, this DIY project will save tons of money without looking like a budget effort. Flower arrangements and centerpieces don’t have to be over-the-top to be eye-catching; these understated pieces will bring color and class to your special day

This is also a great piece of inspiration if you’re an inspired crafter thinking of starting a side-business to make some extra money.

Use the flowers and colors of your choice to tailor the arrangements to your taste.

What you’ll need to create a DIY wedding centerpiece:

  • Flowers of your choice. Remember to include at least 2 different colors or types of flowers to add texture and depth to the arrangements. The amount of flowers will depend on the size of your vase. Take one with you when you buy the flowers so that the florist can help you purchase the correct amount.
  • Greenery to add throughout the arrangements (optional).
  • Flower foam disks. You will need one disk per vase.  Soak the foam disks prior to creating your arrangements.
  • Vases in which you will create your centerpieces.
  • Flower stem cutters
  • Ribbon to tie around the vase (optional).

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