Like to change your look with the season? How about your home’s? This spring, treat your front door to a colorful DIY makeover. Celebrate the season with flowers, fluff and holiday decor.

Ready to get started? We’ve pulled together 9 wreath and door hanger ideas to get your creativity going. From classic circles full of a cluster of florals to solemn crosses that share the meaning of Easter, to eccentric elements that add a bit of whimsy to your home. Which one will be your favorite?

Then again… why choose? Make a few and change them out as the spirit moves you! ‘Tis the spring season after all — a time for renewal!


1. Twirl of Tulips

What You Need: 14” Foam Wreath | 2 Spools (7 Yards) of 1-1/2”-Wide Satin Ribbon | ≈14 Bouquets of Faux Silk Tulips | Hot Glue

Quick How-To: 1. Place each tulip bouquet on the wreath, staggering the stems as you move around the wreath in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. 2. Secure with glue as you go. Get the full tutorial.

2. Bohemian Hoop

What You Need: Embroidery Hoop | Faux Lavender Bouquet | Hot Glue | Wire Cutters

Quick How-To: 1. Ensure both circles of the hoop are secured tightly together. 2. Cut and place lavender stems in a semi-circle around the hoop. 3. Secure with hot glue. 4. Add ribbon to hang at the top of the hoop. Get the full tutorial.

3. Spring Green

What You Need: Grapevine Wreath | Bouquets of Greenery | Bouquet of Faux Flowers | Ribbon | Floral Wire | Hot Glue

Quick How-To: 1. Place varying stems from the bouquets of greenery on the wreath, staggering the stems as you move around the wreath in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. 2. Secure with glue or floral wire as you go. 3. Glue faux flowers in a bundle in the lower left “corner” of the wreath. 4. Attach bow with glue. Get the full tutorial.


4. Sweet Lillies

What You Need: Grapevine Wreath | 1 to 2 Bouquets of Faux Lilies | 1-1/2”-Wide Ribbon | Length of Twine or Rope | Wood Pieces*, 1 Long, 1 Short | Floral Wire | Hot Glue

Quick How-To: 1. Divide lily bouquets evenly and glue them onto the wreath facing opposite directions. 2. Attach wood pieces to each other in the shape of a cross using the twin to secure the intersection. Glue the twine in place on the back of the cross. 3. Glue the cross to the wreath. 4. Cut a long length of ribbon and tie it in a double bow. Glue to bow at the base of the cross. 5. Make a strong, sturdy hanging loop with the floral wire and attach it securely to the back of the wreath.

*Paint or stain old wood rulers; use wood shims left over from another DIY project; purchase new wood planks, etc.

Image seen on Pinterest, made by Pinner Michelle Delamorandiere

5. Lavender Spray

What You Need: Several Sticks of Varying Lengths | Small Faux Floral Bouquets | Floral Wire | Hot Glue

Quick How-To: 1. Gather the varying lengths of sticks together into small bundles; one should be longer than the other. 2. Secure each bundle together with floral wire. 3. Place the smaller bundle across the center or upper third of the longer bundle and secure with floral wire. 4. Separate your faux florals and place them onto the cross as desired. 5. Secure with floral wire or hot glue.

Image seen on Pinterest

6. Rustic Remembrance

What You Need: 2 Planks of Wood of Varying Lengths and Widths | Small Grapevine Wreath | Metal Stars | Text Template (optional) | Wood Stain or Paint | Hot Glue

Quick How-To: 1. Stain or paint the wood. Let dry. 2. Paint on/hand-write chosen message on shorter length of wood. 3. Assemble the cross using hot glue to secure the pieces together. 4. Wrap the grapevine wreath around the cross. 5. Glue stars on the grapevine wreath. 6. Optional: Add a hanger on the back.


7. Garden Glimpse

What You Need: Rustic Small Watering Can | Faux Tulip Bouquet | Faux Greenery Bouquet | Length of Ribbon | Dyed Egg Shells

Quick How-To: From Better Homes & Gardens (BHG): “Use an old watering can as a flower vase complete with pretty pastel eggshells.”

8.  Rainbow Eggs

What You Need: Crepe Papers in a Rainbow Palette | Bleach or Paint (Optional) | Paper Mache Eggs (Regular & Mini) | 12” Wire Wreath Frame | 2 Sheets of Tissue Paper | Scissors | Hot Glue | Floral Wire

Quick How-To: 1. Create the leaves using wire and green crepe paper. 2. Wrap paper mache eggs with various colors of crepe paper. 3. Attach leaves and eggs to the wreath form. Get the full tutorial.

9. Fluffy Bunny

What You Need: 1 white foam wreath form | 2, 72”-long white feather boas | Set of bunny ears (headband) | Ribbon | Pushpins | Scissors | Hot Glue

Quick How-To: 1. Wrap the wreath form with the boas, tightly enough so the form doesn’t show through. 2. Detach ears from the headband and glue them onto the back of the wreath. 3. Tie ribbon in a double bow and glue to the front of the wreath, like a necktie. Get the full tutorial.

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