All you need is love. And a smidgen of craftiness. And a couple of hours… And here’s your inspiration: 5 easy-to-make rustic crafts that will fit right in with your farmhouse decor, shabby chic style or eclectic design sensibilities.

And, guess what?! Not only is Valentine’s Day coming up, but February is National Weddings Month… so there is all kinds of love gathering around you. Why not give yourself a treat by making a sweet, heart-decorated tote bag that you can show off when you shop? (All Military Spouses deserve that, for sure!) Or have the kids help you wrap yarn hearts you can hang in front of a bright kitchen window for a pretty reminder of the season. Or put some X’s and O’x on your doorstep to welcome visitors.

Whatever you decide to create, have fun sharing the love.

1. Polka Dot Heart Tote Bag

What’s the secret tool you need for this project? A pencil eraser!
Et voila! Romance on cue. See how Clumsy Crafter makes it.

2. Valentine Yarn Heart

A little bit of cardboard, a skein of yarn… and the will to wrap, and wrap, annnd wrap.
And then you’re done. How sweet! Get the details from TidBits.

3. Key to My Heart Sign

3 ingredients: Wood + Key + Paint. Whip up a reminder of what life’s all about
in a matter of minutes. The appropriately named Love Grows Wild has the how-to.

4. XOXO Sign

Kisses. Hugs. More kisses. More hugs. It’s what makes the world go ’round.
See what you need to gather up to get this project going, from the Family Focus Blog.

5. Wood Flower Box

So pretty and so lifelike, you can almost smell their sweet fragrance from here.
Capture someone’s heart with this unique bouquet box. Details are on HomeBNC.

More Valentine Ideas:

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