Valentine’s Eve is upon us, and so it’s the perfect day to combine family fun, crafts, keepsakes and of course chocolate! HeyKayli shows off 2 speedy Valentine’s Day crafts to do with kids. The first activity is a chocolate sparkle ring. All you’ll need is 2 colorful pipe cleaners and a chocolate kiss. The video will guide you through the directions for making this glamorous bling-tastic Valentine’s accessory they’ll be able to wear around the house or to school to show the love to their classmates!   The second activity is something you’ll be able to show off around your home for years to come. This hand-heard canvas is an affordable keepsake that they’ll have a blast making. Roll up those sleeves and embrace your artistic side!  All you’ll need for this project is a canvas (the size is up to you), acrylic or finger paints and a sponge brush. Apply the paint to the sponge brush and apply a thin, even coat to your child’s hands. Help them make a heart shape with their hands (one hand at a time if easier for you) and press hand onto the canvas. Help your little one by gently pressing each finger onto the canvas. They can even sign their masterpiece with a permanent marker once it’s dry!   How are you planning on ‘sharing the love’ tomorrow with your kiddos?

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