May 7, 2021, is Military Spouse Appreciation Day and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to recognize the amazing contributions our SpouseLink Ambassadors and the military spouse employees at AAFMAA make on behalf of the military community. We’re so proud to have them as part of our workforce!

We asked 9 of our teammates what makes them feel appreciated as a MilSpouse and what they plan to do to treat themselves this month. See what they said and how they plan to celebrate their unique roles.

Q. What makes you feel appreciated as a Military Spouse?

Lyne Babin


Manager, Member & Survivor Benefits

Army | Fort Myer, VA

“In working with our AAFMAA Members and their families… I now understand the value and honor of being a Military Spouse.”

How will you celebrate yourself in May?

“I will celebrate by continuing to serve AAFMAA Members and their spouses. Thanking the military spouse for their service, past, present and future. Every day is a military spouse day!”

Angel Boessen

SpouseLink Ambassador

Army | Fort Carson, CO

“Knowing that I take stress and worry off my spouse so he can focus on his duties. When my spouse recognizes how hard I work to run the family life, work life, and home life.”

How will you celebrate yourself in May?

“Take a long ride on my motorcycle and celebrate my degree being one class away from done.”

Jessica Doty

SpouseLink Ambassador

USMC | Camp Lejeune, NC

“I feel appreciated when my husband recognizes and thanks me for carrying the larger portion of the parenting responsibilities when his work demands increase.”

How will you celebrate yourself in May?

“I hope to sneak away and go shopping or treat myself to a pedicure or manicure.”

Gisella Mancilla

SpouseLink Ambassador

Marine Corps | San Diego, CA

“There is definitely something sweet about seeing a sign outside a coffee shop: ‘Free Coffee for Military Spouses.’ Small gestures such as free coffee are always appreciated.”

How will you celebrate yourself in May?

“I plan on celebrating with the new friends (military spouses) I’ve connected with in a short amount of time. Military friendships are one of a kind; we are in this together.”

Tiffany Marquis

SpouseLink Ambassador

Army | Fort Liberty, NC

“The difference I make in other Military Spouses’ lives makes me feel appreciated.”

How will you celebrate yourself in May?

“I’ll go have dinner with my girlfriends.”

Sheila McCarty

Member Benefits Coordinator

Army | Arlington, VA

“The support of the community. It’s a great feeling when your service men and women recognize that even though we don’t put on the uniform, we carry so much of the load. A simple courteous gesture or a thank you goes a long way.”

How will you celebrate yourself in May?

“Pray and reflect. Maybe take a stroll along the river. Spa day.”

Brandy Schroeder

AMS Military Mortgage Advisor

USMC | Fayetteville, NC

“Acknowledging that Military Spouses make sacrifices, too.”

Tara Smith

SpouseLink Ambassador

Marine Corps | MacDill, AFB

“Being validated and recognized for my role as a Military Spouse.”

How will you celebrate yourself in May?

“I am in the middle of selling my house, PCS preparation, and finishing my master’s degree. What break? LOL! I will try to give myself a day off.”

Charlene Wilde


Assistant Secretary

Army | Washington, DC

“I always look forward to my husband coming home after travels. He knows I love jewelry and tries to bring me home something unique from each location.”

How will you celebrate yourself in May?

“I will treat myself to a spa day and attend some events to support other Military Spouses.”

So now that we’ve heard from our team, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below how you’d like to celebrate being a Military Spouse.

And, as always, we want you to know we truly appreciate you! Thank you for being here and for everything you do.

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