On Halloween night, nobody wants to be that house. You know… the one that all the neighborhood kids are telling each other to avoid. The house where the dentist who gives out floss and pretzels lives. Or the house that’s giving out… the BAD candy.

One of the most horrifying things to experience on Halloween isn’t a bone-chilling werewolf mask or an all-too-real serial-killer costume (blood and dripping knife included, of course). Instead, what really sends a shiver down your spine on Halloween is seeing bargain-bin “candy bars” — if you can even call them that — dropped into your treasure trove of treats.

Luckily, thanks to the good, sweet-toothed folks over at Candystore.com, you can now make sure you’re handing out nothing but the best on October 31. They’ve pulled together an exhaustive and well-researched list of the country’s 10 favorite and least favorite Halloween candies. Get ready to settle all of your outstanding candy debates.

The 10 WORST Halloween Candies

Let’s start with the worst ones so you know what to avoid.

1. Circus peanuts  |  2. Candy corn  |  3. Wax cola bottles  |  4. Necco Wafers  | 
5. Peanut butter kisses  |  6. Tootsie Rolls  |  7. Smarties  |  8. Black licorice  |  9. Good & Plenty  |  10. Mary Jane candies

Some of these aren’t too surprising. Circus peanuts, Necco wafers, black licorice… yeah, these are the usual suspects. Also of note, the always polarizing candy corn came in at #2. No matter how you might feel about these seasonal sweets, listen to the results and keep them away from the kids.

The 10 BEST Halloween Candies

The top 10 has a lot of the big hitters that you might expect.

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups  |  2. Snickers  |  3. Twix  |  4. Kit Kat  |  5. Nerds  | 
6. M&Ms  |  7. Butterfinger  |  8. Sour Patch Kids  |  9. Skittles  |  10. Hershey Bar

With a healthy mix of chocolate and fruity candies in the top 10, we’re definitely giving this list the SpouseLink ‘Stamp of Approval’. We’d be happy finding any of these in our haul after a long night of trick-or-treating.

What do you think about the lists? Is there anything you just can’t stand that was left off the “Worst of” list? Or maybe you missed the one candy bar you just can’t go without on the “Best of” list. Let us know what you think in the comments. And remember to stay safe this year during all of your spooky shenanigans and trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween!

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