It’s 1pm on Halloween and you do not have a costume for your child.

Why? Who knows, you just don’t. Here are 6 Halloween costumes that you can make in two hours.Lego Block — Take six Solo cups and tape or glue them to a cardboard box. Cut a hole on the top for a head and one on either side for arms. Make sure the bottom of the box is open. Paint the box a primary color. We recommend spray paint because you get even coverage or color. Lastly, use a permanent marker to write “LEGO” on the top of the cups.

Safari or Jurassic Park Worker

This costume can be as complicated as your imagination, but as simple as cutting a paper bag. Take a paper grocery bag and turn it inside out so the entire bag is khaki and without writing. Next simply cut the bag into the shape of a vest. Your child can wear a white shirt with Khaki shorts and they are ready for safari. Some extra decorations can turn the vest into a Jurassic park worker by drawing the logo or simply writing their name as a nametag. If you have loose buttons lying around, use the excess paper bag and cut triangles to look like pockets then glue the buttons on to finish the look. You can cut a paper towel roll in half and glue the two tubes together to make binoculars as a great accessory.


Have balloons lying around? Great! Blow them up and tape or staple them to clothes that are the same or close to the same color as the balloons. Red, purple, or green are your best bet, but if you use white, your child can be a puffy cloud. Add a smiley face to the puffy cloud and it is a Super Mario Character.

Armor, Sword, and Shield

This is a great costume for any adventurous boy or daring girl. Take a cardboard box or poster board and cut them in the shape of a sword and shield. Wrap the shapes in tin foil and you have an arsenal ready for any adventurer.

Fairy Wings

This story time accessory is easy with just two wire hangers and pantyhose. Unravel the wire hangers and twist them in the opposite direction of the original shape. The hangers will make two loops on their own with this twisting motion. Next, stretch the pantyhose over the frame and cut the excess off. Next, fasten the two wings together using heavy packing tape then cover the connection with ribbon to make the formation look pretty. Lastly, use the ribbon to make straps. You can make the wings even more fairy looking by painting them, dying them, or adding jewels. The best part about this project is it will be fun to make and wear.

Dowel Masks

This one is so simple it is easy to make a bunch and a great party favor if you need one in a pinch. Print out faces. Any faces you want. Pet faces, family faces, superhero faces. Cut the faces out and glue them to poster board. Lastly, glue a long thing dowel to the back to create a hand held mask. Don’t have dowels? Go grab some sticks from outside. The sticks add to the Halloween style.

If you have any last-minute costume ideas of your own, share them in the comments below.

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