Whether it’s your first deployment or your fifth, one is never quite the same as the next. It could be a different location or a different length of time you plan to be away. But one thing is usually always the same around each and every deployment. They are a stressful time for servicemembers, MilSpouses, and Military Families.

However, a little planning can go a long way in helping your deployment go smoothly. Plus, the right planning can ensure things stay as normal as possible while you or your loved one is away.

Join AAFMAA later this month, Thursday, February 28, for a free, complimentary webinar “Preparing for Deployment”. During this webinar, you’ll hear from AAFMAA’s Chief Operating Officer and Retired US COL, Carlos Perez, Jr., on the correct steps you need to take to properly prepare yourself and your family for a smooth deployment.

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