The 2018 stock market was a wild ride. It started out with a bang that few even expected. We saw the best-performing January in 29 years, the longest stretch without a 5% pullback, and the first 10% correction in years. And things only got better from there. For the ensuing six months, the market continued to progress until it reached another record high in September. But good things never last, do they? Then, for the first time since 1950, the market experienced another lightning-fast correction, with many stocks declining at a rapid pace.

What does all the volatility mean for 2019?

Should we be expecting more of the same? What can we learn from the roller coaster ride of 2018?

Join AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust Chief Investment Officer, Arthur Lyons, for a full, in-depth recap of the 2018 market, plus a look ahead to 2019 in this complimentary webinar, 2019 Market Outlook: What’s In Store for the Year Ahead? You’ll also get expert insight and advice on how your Military fFamily can achieve financial success in the months to come.

Watch “2019 Market Outlook: What’s In Store for the Year Ahead?” now.

This webinar originally aired on January 10, 2019, but you can watch it — along with all of AAFMAA’s expert webinars — on-demand at your convenience here.

For more information and predictions about the 2019 stock market, be sure to read AAFMAA Wealth Management and Trust‘s 2019 forecast, The Markets: Looking Back and Looking Ahead in the Learning Hub.

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