Did you know that whether you or a loved one choose to be buried in a VA national cemetery or a private cemetery, the VA can help you make it happen? As a thank you to all Veterans for their brave service, the VA offers professional memorial services free of charge to Veterans, their spouses, and eligible family members. Cremation services are also available and are carried out “in the same manner and with the same honors” as those who choose to be buried.

Some estimates put average funeral costs at $7,000. By providing a safe respectful place for Veterans and their loved ones, the VA helps ease families through their loss by removing many of their financial obstacles. They can also help families in a number of ways if they choose to be buried in a private cemetery as opposed to one of the VA’s national and state cemeteries.

To learn more about this process, join AAFMAA later this month for a free webinar — “What You Need to Know About Burial at VA and Arlington National Cemeteries” — highlighting some of the important and often overlooked facts about VA cemeteries and Arlington National Cemetery. In addition, AAFMAA’s experts will provide some helpful guidance on survivor planning for your loved ones. A few simple actions can ultimately have a great impact and lessen the burden on your survivors after you’re gone.

This free webinar premieres on August 22, 2019. Space is limited. So register now to reserve your spot in either the 9am or 3pm session.

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