Serving our country as a member of the Armed Forces is honorable, rewarding work. But for most, there comes a time when the military lifestyle just doesn’t quite suit you and your MilFam the way it used to.

Whether it’s time to retire altogether or whether you’ve decided to move into civilian life and join the private workforce, the transition out of the military can be one of the more important and challenging transitions of a servicemember’s life.

And that transition, that vital life moment, is different for everyone. Your length of service, your health and medical history, your retirement planning (or lack thereof), and the needs of your MilFam all play a significant role in determining how you should best transition out of the military.

While it can be a difficult journey, it’s not one you have to do alone. Countless servicemembers and Veterans have been there and done that. We even have our own transition readiness assessment checklist right here on SpouseLink.

In an effort to help MilFams that are getting ready to transition out of the military, AAFMAA is taking it a step further (as usual). They’re hosting a free webinar next week that will explore some steps that all servicemembers and MilFams should consider as they prepare for a new life outside the military.

Next week, join Matt Hick, a relationship manager with AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust, as he offers some unique and expert insight on the journey ahead.

Space is limited for this free webinar, which premieres on May 23, so register now to reserve your spot in either the 9am or 3pm session.

To watch previous free AAFMAA webinars covering important MilFam topics, such as preparing for deployment, mortgage points, social security secrets, and much more, head over to the AAFMAA Learning Hub. You can watch all of the webinars on-demand anytime.

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