What started out as a humble passing of the hat has now turned into something else entirely. Recently, our friends over at the American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) celebrated 140 years of selfless service to our military community.

A lot has changed at AAFMAA over their near century-and-a-half of service. What began in a time of true desperation following the Battle of Little Bighorn has grown into the nation’s longest-standing, not-for-profit provider of financial solutions for military families.

In their earliest days, AAFMAA exclusively served Army officers. However, they’re now committed to helping servicemembers in every branch of the military. Active duty and Veterans. They’ve also grown in how they help the military community. AAFMAA doesn’t just provide life insurance anymore. Their mortgage services and wealth management solutions can also be super beneficial for military families.

But make no mistake, AAFMAA’s mission hasn’t changed over the years as they’ve grown. “Our sole and exclusive focus is on military members, and veterans and their families,” said the Association’s Executive Vice President and Secretary Brigadier General (Retired) Michael Meese in a recent interview with the Fairfax Times.

AAFMAA Executive Vice President and Secretary, BG Michael J. Meese, USA, Ret., PhD

“Having served, we know what it’s like when we talk to a family on the phone or connect with them online and know what they’re going through,” Meese said. “That’s how we tailor all of our products and services to be able to take care of the military and their families.”

And they certainly have helped the military and their families. There’s no doubt about that. Since 9/11, AAFMAA has provided more than $1 billion in death benefits to military families. One reason they’re able to provide such exceptional and personal service: roughly 40 percent of AAFMAA employees either currently are serving, have served, or have a spouse that’s in the military.

AAFMAA President and Treasurer MAJ Walter R. Lincoln, USA Ret., CFP®, with Douglas Jemal

“For 140 years, AAFMAA has supported and protected members of the military and their loved ones. This celebration provides our members, staff, and community leaders with the opportunity to reflect on the great success of these efforts and to look ahead at a future of continued service,” Meese told the Reston Connection. “Whether it’s through our well-established services like life insurance and survivor benefits or newer offerings such as mortgage services and wealth management, our goal remains the same — protect and support those who have guarded our nation’s freedom.”

Thanks, AAFMAA! Here’s to your next 140 more years of serving the military community…

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