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The benefit of having a home business is the ability to take it with you wherever you PCS. But, just like moving the rest of your military family’s home, it takes a little organization. For instance, you’ll need to take stock of your projects and letting your customers know about the move. Get more tips on SpouseLink.

With the average Military Family moving every 2-3 years, MilSpouses are constantly on the go… and it can be difficult to feel “at home” when you have to change where “home” is. Whether it’s a planned move or an unexpected PCS, packing up and moving on can be stressful. Here are some Military moving tips to help put you at ease.

PCSgrades’ Rebecca Alwine shares information about the company’s services and ability to help Military Families that are about to PCS, or that just made a very difficult move, thanks to an undesirable moving company. We’re happy to share the company’s advice and options for recourse — or at least getting the word out to other MilFams — […]

Helpful tips for a more successful move.

To Military Life Realities.

An excellent way to turn a strange new location into an adventure for your child.

One Marine channels his Military experience through dance.

Financial independence isn’t just about having materialistic things. Join AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust (AWM&T) Relationship Manager Cinthia Wilkinson for a free, LIVE webinar on September 12, where she’ll discuss financial independence and how to achieve it. Get the details on SpouseLink.

Moving can be overwhelming. Making a military move every couple of years can be even more daunting. So, what to do? Check out the 6-month planner from AAFMAA Mortgage Services on SpouseLink.

For Servicemembers who meet eligibility requirements, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) may provide a final resting place for them and their loved ones. Learn more during AAFMAA”s upcoming free webinar. Get the details on SpouseLink.

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