Updated March 22, 2022

Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it: letting old junk mail pile up on the kitchen counter, discovering expired milk in the back of the fridge, or storing more clothes on the floor than in the closet. The idea of maintaining an entirely neat and tidy home can be overwhelming, especially when you’re a MilSpouse that goes to work every day, has pets to take care of, and has a Military Family to add into the mix. The key to keeping things clean for the long run is to get organized.

By setting up some simple and inexpensive organization methods you can stick to, you won’t have to think twice about wear to store books, hair ties, children’s toys, or whatever it is you have hanging around!

Plus, having a system in place will make it easier for your family to keep things just the way you like them — which means less cleaning for you later on.

Check out the 7 videos below to discover cheap and easy ways to organize your entire house.

1. Family Room

The family room is the hub of the household where everyone comes to both play and relax. Keep this highly-trafficked area clutter-free with these tips from The Design Network.

2. Fridge

Are you guilty of buying a new bottle of ketchup, just to find you already had one buried in the back of your fridge? And, while you’re there, how old is that orange juice, again? Fridges are in need of a good purge every now and then, and Radiate knows just how to do it.

3. Pantry

Much like the fridge, pantries are notoriously neglected areas for organization. Sometimes that can work in your favor when, say, you have a hankering for hot chocolate and find an unopened packet of mix pushed to the way back of the top shelf! Most of the time, though, it means an avalanche of boxes and bottles every time you need a cup of sugar. Ashley Ann Laz has some inexpensive ideas for organizing.

4. Bedroom

The bedroom is supposed to be the most serene room in the house, but often its tidiness can get away from us. Books are never returned to their rightful shelves, clothes pile up on the chair, and the wardrobe bursts with unmatched socks. Rein in the chaos with these bedroom organization hacks by Buzzfeed Nifty.

5. Closet

How many times have you been late to an event because the top wanted to wear was nowhere to be found in your closet? Or because you had to dig through a pile of shoes to find a matching pair? HGTV Handmade is here to help you get a handle on your closet organization.

6. Bathroom

If your dream is to have a bathroom as tidy and serene as a luxury spa, then you’ll want to check out this video by Carly Cristman. It will help you finally find a place for all your clunky bottles, hair tools, and towels.

7. Garage

We’ve seen one too many garages packed so full of stuff there’s no room to pull in the car! Check out Live Your Style’s ideas for keeping your garage stocked, organized, and spacious enough for your vehicle.

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