By Vicki DeLuzio
Guest Blogger

Feeling scattered? Messy? Out of control? Welcome to Vicki DeLuzio’s house. Our Surprise, AZ, Mom guest blogger is back to share her tales of woe when it comes to keeping her house and family spotless. Or… maybe not spotless. Get her perspective on the issue below.

My house isn’t as clean as your house, and I am okay with that.

A few years ago I really strived for a clean house.

But I was driving myself nuts. Every time one of my kids dropped anything, I was right behind them picking it up or I was screaming. It wasn’t a good situation.

I am not the neatest person by nature. You can ask my college roommate who recently visited me. Since she doesn’t have any kids yet, I think she was amazed at the chaos and mess that three little kids can make. Plus, I have a big lack of excitement to contain this chaos.


I think the breaking point for my roommate was when my kids didn’t fold their clothes as they put them away. I am winning that my kids put the clothes away. I don’t really care how they put them away, but that they are off the floor and I didn’t have to put them away.

Every season I do go through my kids clothes and weed out the ones that are too small or are too wrecked to continue being worn. But otherwise, I leave my kids clothes, drawers and closets alone.

My college roommate helped the kiddos fold their clothes, and I was excited that they were very interested in doing it with her. But, I think they were impressed that she was doing it. If it were me teaching them, they probably would have rolled their eyes.

The other place where I really fall short on the cleaning is my car. It isn’t a disgusting haven of germs…most days. I do let the kids snack in the car — and I snack, too. And, about once a month I get fed up (ha, ha) with all the left behind food wrappers and trash that I have them clean and I vacuum it out.

I’ve learned the picture perfect clean house is just not top on my to do list. There are toys on my floor, dishes in my sink and papers scattered around. I do try to keep my kitchen counters sanitized and keep the clutter to a minimum in the kitchen, but for the most part, the rest of my house is a free for all.

Deluzio - Memories

Someday I’ll have the motivation to clean my house, or I won’t have three little ones constantly making a mess. Maybe they will clean it up without my nagging. In the meantime, we are busy making memories — Messy Memories!

About Vicki DeLuzio:
Vicki DeLuzioVicki is a mom of three kids seven and under. After graduating college in Connecticut with a major in Psychology and minors in Early Childhood Education and Communication, she tried her hand at retail management. Then, while working at the Juvenile Court, she met her web designing (and Army Vet) husband through mutual friends. Wanting a change of pace, cheaper taxes and warmer temperatures, they sold their home and relocated across the country in Surprise, Arizona. Vicki now blogs about all the places they go with reviews about the amenities in Surprise. She is also a licensed Real Estate Agent and loves helping people find homes in the area. 

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