Are haunted military bases just a myth? While there never seems to be conclusive proof, sometimes the sprinkles of spooky evidence in urban legends are too glaring to ignore. They say disturbing past events trigger strange experiences in the present, so it makes sense that some of those events may still haunt military installations to this day.

If you spend enough time around any military base, you’re sure to hear hair-raising tales of ghosts and disturbing events. Part of the fun is knowing the history behind the haunting — just be sure you flip on the lights as you dive into the stories. Read on to learn about 7 of the most haunted military bases in the country!

1. Fort McNair, Washington, DC

Back in April 1865, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was swiftly followed by a manhunt that ended in the death of the president’s murderer, John Wilkes Booth. Booth’s co-conspirators were quickly imprisoned. Four would be sentenced to death, and two would be given life sentences in prison at Washington Arsenal. Mary Surratt was one of those sentenced to die, though she claimed innocence to her death. She became the first female executed by the United States federal government. Today, Washington Arsenal is none other than Fort McNair in Washington, DC. Visitors today say they can still sense a restless spirit wearing a dark bonnet and black dress roaming the area.

2. Fort Monroe, Virginia

Paranormal skeptics claim there’s a spookiness to Fort Monroe in Virginia. There have been ghost sightings at this place of famous figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, but also quieter, lesser-known figures. Reports claim having seen the ghost of a girl and her gray cat as well as a woman who’d been murdered by her husband after an affair. More famously, poet Edgar Allen Poe was once stationed at Fort Monroe and is said to roam there. His strolls down memory lane from the afterlife definitely make this one of the spookiest haunted military bases!

3. March Air Reserve Base, California

This ghostly military base will scare your socks off. The building was a children’s tuberculosis clinic in a previous life, so it makes a bit of sense that it reportedly houses several spirits of children. The basement used to be a morgue, one of the absolute last places you ever want to be if you’re shy of creepy experiences. Today, visitors claim to hear children’s giggles and even seeing a teenage girl roam the lower hallways.

4. Fort Concho, San Angelo, Texas

Numerous witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of Ranald MacKenzie at Fort Concho in Texas. He was once the commander of the fort and onlookers claim he chooses this place to roam since it was his previous home. Most of the sightings were reported near Officer’s Row, Commander MacKenzie’s place of residence.

5. F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, Wyoming

F.E. Warren Air Force Base is perhaps the most notorious haunted military base. With stories full of spine-chilling shrieks, sightings of military patrol and murder-victim ghost activity, and more, even the mentioning of this base is appalling for some. One of the more lighthearted legends speaks of a ghost named Gus who likes to leave lights on, cupboards open, and doors ajar in inconvenient ways.

6. Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Locations that experience tragedies to the extent of Pearl Harbor are sure to leave some spirits behind. Even before the tragic attacks on U.S. soil in 1941, there were strange stories of fire goddesses and ancient Hawaiian soldiers. Add in the intense history and you’ll agree the numerous reports of creepy noises and bodiless screams is almost understandable.

7. Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

If you like spooky stories, voodoo, or ghost roads, then Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana may pique your interest and raise some neck hairs. There are endless stories of ghostly footsteps scampering down hallways, doors slamming shut without reason, and even random objects being thrown across the room.

Whether you’re planning a trip to one of these haunted military bases or just looking for spooky stories, check out SpouseLink’s blog for more bewitching fall posts!

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